Arnie Reisner, Senior V.P., Post Production

Mr. Reisner has a long, distinguished history in this town. At sixteen, he graduated from Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks and went to work in the Sunrise mailroom. From there, he went on to PA, AD, and Coordinate on numerous Sunrise hits. He even played extra roles in Opium Den, Tailpipe, and Is Somebody There?

In 1975, Arnie left Sunrise to focus on family matters. He took a job with world giant Global Bank for twelve years before finally leaving a Vice President position to return to Hollywood. Mr. Crosby welcomed Arnie back with open arms. Mr. Reisner went to work in the post department and supervised such hits as Dr. Jugular, Erotic Illusions and Ice Scream Truck before taking over the division in 1994.

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