Autopsy of a Crime was a crime podcast that was formerly-hosted by deceased criminal Piper Shaw. After the Murders, Lakewood teen Noah Foster took over the podcast and renamed it "The Morgue".



Piper Shaw hosted and voiced her Podcast while she was staying in Lakewood, the podcasts states clues and more mysteries to the Brandon James story. The Podcast had interviews from the residents of Lakewood; including Noah Foster and Audrey Jensen while Will Belmont helped by revealing Mayor Quinn Maddox and Jake Fitzgerald's vendetta to Piper. She also did tribute episodes with mentions of victims (Nina Patterson, Riley Marra and Will). Piper Shaw's podcast ended when she revealed herself to her half sister Emma Duval and mother stating that the Podcast would be used to tell her side of the "story" telling the world that Seth Branson was the killer and that she was the victim in the murders.

The day after Piper's death, Noah posted a podcast about the ending to the Lakewood Murders and revealed to her viewers that criminal and mastermind behind the murders was Piper Shaw. Noah Foster renamed the podcast to "The Morgue" and now uses it to explore into the world of Lakewood and the possibility of another killer.