Bill birch

Bill Birch, Sunrise Studios President

Mr.Birch has been a member of the Sunrise family from the very beginning. He actually began his Hollywood career with a bit part as a grade school bully on Leave It To Beaver before turning his attention to a role behind the camera. After working as an assistant director on dozens of Hollywood films (including Here Comes The Bride and Maggie) Bill was chosen to direct Mr.Crosby's and Mr.Gordon's very first film, It Walked From The Waves. Mr.Birch went on to direct The Creature With Seven Arms and Where Are You, Doc Holiday? before his no-nonsense approach to film making caught the attention of Paramount Pictures. At Paramount, Mr.Birch directed the thriller Asylum and eventually stepped into producing as he over saw three dozen films, including Octopus and the romantic comedy hit First Date. Mr.Birch returned to his "Sunrise roots" as president in 1996 and the Studios' continued success is due in great part to Mr.Birch's strong leadership.

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