Billie Fields was the groundskeeper for the Whitten mansion on Shallow Grove Island, and she was the ex-girlfriend of Alex Whitten and had an insight into the Anna Hobbs Halloween Night Massacre that she was willing to share out of keen interest in Gustavo Acosta who in an attempt to upset Brooke Maddox invited her to their shore fire gathering where she discussed the Anna Hobbs story.

She was killed by the Anna Hobbs copycat killer that night at her Grove Island family house after Stavo had escorted her home and her embraces had been spurned by him.


Upon Stavo leaving a fairly intoxicated Billie proceeded on into her family's Shallow Grove resort home and she had found that the front doors had already been left partially open indicating the entering of another.

In a hazy state of concern Billie nervously and slowly proceeded into the house and checked from her parents' master bedroom to her bedroom and upon seeing nothing began to return back towards the front porch and it's fly wire door left protruding open at the wind.

She failed to notice the killer quickly moving at pace behind from an opposite room and then latched the fly wire door close as she uttered the final words to herself of "Happy Halloween Anna" before turning to face a pruning shear spread, wielding Anna Hobbs copycat killer complete with the burlap sack mask.

The killer slashed across at Billie's chest and then stabbed the shears into the large made chest wound using spreading of the shears to open up the wound on Billie.

Billie's death blow came as the killer then threw her through the fly wire door frame and her head made hard sudden impact with both the wooden framing of the door and the ground as she flew backwards.

The Killer then deposited the shears used in Billie's killing at the tree stump at the front of the house and took the body to the Whitten Murder House Mansion to be found by Emma Duval after a landline call with the Lakewood Slasher.

Whilst her initial crime scene was overseen by the young Shallow Grove Island sheriff who unwittingly was decapitated by the same killer it was only large portions of blood inspected, her body was recovered from where its seen by Emma and the others at the Whitten mansion on a patio rocking chair.


  • Billie is the only female victim that Tom Martin killed. His other victims were males.