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  • CSmith18

    Chapter One

    February 22, 2017 by CSmith18

    Setting: a hot night in New Orleans, Louisiana. The air is sticky and thick. Judy, a pretty 16-year-old girl, is sitting in her living room and talking to her best friend on the phone.

    Judy: Oh my god, Marcia, he's so cute!  He just sent me a picture of his abs.

    Marcia (on phone): Aren't you going to tell me who he is?

    Judy sighs...Marcia has asked her this a million times.

    Judy: It's a secret...he doesn't want anyone to know.

    Marcia: Why? This sounds really creepy, Judy. And you've never kept anything from me. I'm worried.

    Judy: I'm sorry, he's stuck in an impossible situation. I'll tell you as soon as I can. I promise. Still BFFs?

    Marcia: Always, you know that. I'm just concerned.

    Judy: Oh, come on, Marcia. We're just hooking up! It's nothing se…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Six months after the events of a horrible killing spree, Jill and her friends move with their lives to Windsor College in Ohio, the same setting of Scream 2. Little do the survivors know that their torment is not yet over. As a matter of fact, it’s only just begun. TVface and Darthface have returned, and this time they are as serious as hell.

    SIDNEY PRESCOTT (30): As been recovering from Dewey and Kate’s death, which have left her depressed. She’s failed to get closure, unlike in Scream 3. Sidney suggested Windsor College to Jill to begin with. With the return of TV and Darth Ghostface, Sidney is determined not to let them get to her family.

    GALE WEATHERS-RILEY (42): Still distraught over Dewey’s death. Gale has ended her career as a journal…

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  • Dcn1989

    Scream: Halloween (Season 1)

    February 20, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Seventeen years after Hawkfield was terrorized by a Halloween serial killer, a new killer targets a group of friends, especially Lindsey Eaton. With her protective brother, Charles, and their friends, Lindsey must find the secrets behind this killer before all of her friends are murdered.

    LINDSEY EATON (16): The Final Girl of the story. Is very close to her older brother, Charles Eaton. She is dating Billy Landham. The killer taunts her, calling her family and life fake. That she's been lied to all her life. The killer is targeting her seventeen years after the original Hawkfield murders, which she unknowingly is connected to.

    CHARLES EATON (18): Lindsey's overprotective big brother. When the killer begins calling and threatening Lindsey, Ch…

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  • CSmith18

    Scream: The Blog Series

    February 20, 2017 by CSmith18

    So I'll be writing an original slasher story based on Scream here. Idk when I"ll have it out, but if you have any requests (characters, deaths, etc.) let me know!

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  • CSmith18


    February 20, 2017 by CSmith18
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  • CSmith18


    February 20, 2017 by CSmith18
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  • BrandonJames1994

    During a dark November night, we pan over to a home from across the waters from Wren Lake. As we get closer to the house, we notice that the house is very familiar. We pan closer and we hear a faded feminine voice coming from inside. 

    GIRL (v.o): Yeah, well come on, we can see each other everyday after you get you get your placement.

    The scene cuts and we are now in a rather stylish american bedroom, the voice becomes louder and louder that we can now hear her in full volume, it's the voice of the beautiful Brooke Maddox.

    The camera continues to pan across to the screen of a laptop, Brooke holds her phone to her ear as she talks into it, as she talks into the phone, she scrolls the internet.

    BROOKE: I'll miss you too, it's only for a week then…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Brandon James Story

    February 16, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Brandon James turns to the dark side, becoming a serial killer, after years of abuse from society. However, after learning that his one true love is pregnant with his child and his niece is given away to avoid public abuse over her killer uncle, Brandon escapes seventeen years after his original murders to find his daughter and niece, who are unaware of their true origins.

    BRANDON JAMES: The main character and primary killer of the story. Unlike the original MTV show, Brandon survives his shooting by the police and remains the sole serial killer. In 2017, a mysterious figure, known as "Hood, helps Brandon escape so that he can find Emma and Audrey.

    EMMA BAYLOR: Shares a Final Girl role with Audrey Jensen, her former best friend. After Brando…

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  • Dcn1989

    SCREAM 2: Honor Thy Family

    February 9, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Three months after the Carter family survives the Knife Killer's final confrontation, they are faced with the threat of the Machete and Axe killers. One of the main characters is taunted by the killer with damning evidence of his involvement in the previous killings.


    The survivors are horrified at learning that Gary is the killer.

    GARY: The only reason you weren’t killed that night was because I still love you.

    BELLA: I don’t love you anymore!

    Gary goes to stab someone. But Charlie shoots and kills him.


    TYLER: Welcome back, listeners.

    Tyler walks into the house with his older twin siblings. His family is throwing him a birthday party. He’s surprised. The entire family hugs him together.

    TYLER: We’ve all been through s…

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  • Dcn1989

    Scream the 13th Part 2

    February 7, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Six months after surviving the Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, the survivors try to move on until Francis returns with a new batch of killers.

    ASHLEY PRESLEY (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, which her boyfriend Michael Dash was apart of. Begins seeing a new guy who she is afraid to get close out of fear of another betrayal.

    REBECCA YOUNG (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, which it turns out that she was targeted by Michael Dash, who revealed himself as Rebecca’s late boyfriend’s cousin. She and Alec are now officially dating.

    ELVIS CORVAN (18): Survivor of the second Crystal Lake Murders lead by Francis, which his friend Jimmy was apart of. He continues his role as the tr…

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  • BrandonJames1994
    • Season Three not to be the last.
    • The scares, deaths and phone calls to be the scariest and spookiest than ever!
    • Emma Duval to be a fighter, less the stereotypical teenage girl.
    • The killer to be someone not obvious and to-make-sense, like Noah Foster. 
      • Someone predictable will bring me believe MTV can't do anything right.
      • Predictable is Kevin Duval, Brandon James (although it will bring some shock if it was him the whole time.), Gustavo Acosta.
    • Bring back the old tone and mix it up with the second season's dark tone, less romantic and less the teen drama.
    • More character personalites coming out, like in the Halloween Special.
    • Brooke to be the opening kill, for emotion towards fans and impact for the characters in the show. 
    • The mystery of Brandon Jam…
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  • Dcn1989

    SCREAM: Honor Thy Sibling

    February 3, 2017 by Dcn1989

    zDonald Newton brings back his most beloved characters in a retelling/revision of one of his most beloved fan fiction stories. The HONOR stories.

    When a killer begins killing people around them, five strangers; Tyler, Nancy, Emilia, Anton, and Little Man, learn that they are siblings through the same mother name Lorraine. Using manipulation and fear, the killer forces the siblings into the life and world of their mother's family as they try to find the secret and truth about the killer's reasons for the torture of their mother's family.

    This has aspects seen in SCREAM: For Love & Honor, SCREAM 2: The Honor Continues, and SCREAM 3: The Final Honor. Despite many similarities, please don't read this believing that you know everything. Yes, ther…

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  • BrandonJames1994

    Blood is Thicker Than Water is the first episode of the third season, and the twenty-fifth of the series.

    When she starts to have nightmares about her past, Maggie begins to recollect key moments in her life and questions the status of  her lost-love. Noah finds success as his second book about "Anna Hobbs" draws-in millions. Away from home for the first time in months, Emma puts her future moments into motion as she starts her first year in college, but her future gets put onto a holt when she finds out about a devastating event that has occurred in her home town..Someone is taking their love of the past back to the present. 

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  • JMOfficial

    Welcome to my new trilogy! It will be a combination of Scream and Riverdale. Can't wait for your comments! 

    Riverdale is viewed as the perfect town. Perfect people, perfect lives. However, when 4 teens go missing, it becomes apparent that not everything is as perfect as it seems, as four mysterious killers come to town, each with a different version of the Ghostface identity. Soon, the residents of Riverdale must fight for their lives in this game of life or death. Unfortunately, they won't all survive this game. Who will live? Who will die? It will be answered soon enough. The real question is: Who are the Ghostfaces?

    Daniel Ridgemont (17)- The main character, Daniel is quarterback of the football team. He is dating Betty, but is also inter…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Taking place 10 years after the events of Scream 3, Sidney Prescott returns home to Woodsboro to visit her Cousin and Aunt, as well as to promote her book. Sidney realizes that she could not have come at a worse time; as soon as she does, Ghostface returns. However, it becomes clear that Ghostface has a new focus, and a new target. Who can be trusted, and who will die?

    SIDNEY PRESCOTT (30): Our main heroine from the original trilogy. Sidney has moved on with her life and has a fiancé, Hunter. She’s returned to Woodsboro to visit her family, only to see her nightmares resurfacing. Although not the lead anymore, she is determined to help the new kids, even if it costs her life.

    DEWEY RILEY (38): The Sheriff of Woodsboro. It’s been great for hi…

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  • Dcn1989

    Scream the 13th

    January 29, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Donald Newton brings two legendary tales together; Scream and Friday the 13th. It's been 20 years after Jason Voorhees drowned and his mother, Pamela Voorhees, took revenge on the counselors who were responsible. However, Ashley and her friend Rebecca are getting threatening calls from a killer, who is connected to the survivors of the Camp Blood murders.

    ASHLEY PRESLEY (17): Ashley is the lead final girl of the story. Though she is a target of all four killers, it appears that Francis has it for Ashley and her family the most.

    REBECCA YOUNG (17): Is Ashley's best friend and a secondary final girl. Whereas Francis targets Ashley, Brandon James targets Rebecca. Rebecca is haunted by her rape committed by her ex-boyfriend Trevor Slayton a few …

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    Please delete this blogpost!

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  • Dcn1989

    The SCREAM of the Butterfly

    January 26, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Noah Daley is new at the Utah Apartments and at the Roodsville college. But he becomes fast friends with the most popular residents and gains a girlfriend. Life seems to be setting into place for Noah. However, a killer, dawning the mask of Ghostface, begins killing off local residents, Noah's neighbors, and classmates. Will Noah, his girlfriend, and their friends survive and learn the identity of the killer?

    NOAH DALEY (21): The male lead of the story. He is very shy and socially awkward compared to his fellow college students and neighbors at the Utah Apartments. He becomes close friends to popular resident Eddie. He begins to develop feelings for a classmate and neighbor Elizabeth Moon. Ghostface puts Noah and Elizabeth in the middle of …

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  • MrWubbzy

    Leave your predictions below.

    My personal prediction is that Audrey is gonna die in the opening with that new info revealed. Brooke never really had that close of a relationship with Audrey, and I doubt she'd kill Stavo. I think Gina will replace Audrey before her demise. I think Noah is also open for the subject of being murdered.

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  • Dcn1989

    Mallory Travis is new to Woodside after moving in with her brother and his wife after the death of their parents. Mallory makes new friends and a love interest. However, a killer begins killing off citizens of Woodside in similar fashion as those from a popular slasher movie. However, the movie deaths are just one thing about these murders, it's the town's dark past that they hold the truth to the mysterious behind this killer.

    MALLORY TRAVIS (17): A shy innocent new girl in school. She likes Cam Reese. She becomes friends with Bethany West. She lives with her older brother and his wife after their parents died. Although she arrives the day after the first murders, she finds herself in the middle of it all when the killer targets those arou…

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  • Finlau01

    Alternative Death Charts

    January 10, 2017 by Finlau01

    Color Meaning
    Continues This character is alive in this episode and was not attacked.
    Continues This character is alive and was not in danger of dying during a flashback in this episode.
    Dies This character dies in this episode.
    Dies This character dies during a flashback in this episode.
    "Dies" This character supposedly died during that episode but it is later revealed that they are alive.
    Unknown This character was attacked in this episode but the status is currently unknown.
    This character doesn't appear in this episode.
    This character is no longer alive.
    Death Chart
    # Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Survived Emma Duval Continues
    Survived Audrey Jensen Continues
    Survived Noah Foster Continues
    Survived Kieran Wilcox Continues
    Survived Brooke Maddox Continues
    Survived Ma…

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  • Finlau01

    My Season 3 Death chart

    January 9, 2017 by Finlau01

    • Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval (6/6)
    • Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey Jensen (6/6)
    • John Karna as Noah Foster (6/6)
    • Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox (6/6)
    • Santiago Segura as Gustavo Acosta (6/6)
    • Tracy Middendorf as Maggie Duval (6/6)
    • Karina Logue as Tina Hudson (6/6)
    • Zena Grey as Gina McLane (6/6)

    • Austin Highsmith as Kristin Lang (6/6)
    • Anthony Ruivivar as Miguel Acosta (5/6)
    • Anthony Hill as Mike Newsome (5/6)
    • Christopher Zalla as Craig Patterson (5/6)
    • Lindsay Musil as Ava Miller (5/6)
    • Krista Allen as Monica Maddox (4/6)
    • Sharisse Baker-Bernard as Tracy Patterson (4/6)
    • Tom Everett Scott as Kevin Duval (4/6)
    • Sophina Brown as Lorraine Brock (4/6)
    • P.J. Byrne as Troy James (4/6)
    • Mikki Val as Laverne Shell (3/6)
    • Demetrius Joyette as Mike Vinson (3/6)
    • Andrew Creme as Trent Pr…

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  • JMOfficial

    Hey everyone! After the very good reception of my previous stories, it's time for the final installment! It's gonna be killer! 

    Following their kidnapping in the season 2 finale, the survivors are forced to witness the brutal murder of one of their own. They now must try and overthrow Anna, and finally answer the secret that has always been a mystery: who is the third killer? 

    • There will be 11 episodes this season.
    • There will be a 2 year time jump sometime in the season.
    • The new characters will not be introduced until episode 2.
    • The third killer will finally be revealed.
    • A survivor will die in the premiere, and it will be one of the goriest, saddest scenes of the series.
    • There will be a lot less survivors than the previous 2.

    Jennifer Roberts (18-…

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  • Dcn1989

    The original club members have moved on from the Club. Rey, survivor of the previous, is now the new President of the Club. Ali is a single mother raising little Nicole alone. Nicole and Joe are celebrating their 2nd anniversary while raising little Tim. Coda and Brittney continue to have a great marriage. Then we follow Diane, Joe's cousin and a member of the club, and her group of friends who have taken over the Club since the previous. However, the happy days come to an end when a new killer begins to target both the old and the new. But the new killer has different plans for the club members. As the bodycount rises, a new twist in motive and secrets will be revealed. A secret that will put everything together starting from the original…

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  • TheScreamKing321


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  • The Noah Killer

    Hey Everyone! Here’s my third and final installment to my Scream trilogy! It’s been a long hard path, and I hope you like the word I’ve been doing! Be sure to comment!

    Two years after another heartbreaking and devastating killing spree. The survivors have moved on with their lives and heading forward to college. However, fate has other plans. Natalie comes face to face with not one, not two, but four killers, led by a near unstoppable leader, intent on destroying her. Natalie is pushed to the limit to maintain her sanity, and survive at the same time.

    • 1. The Helper’s identity will be revealed in the fourth episode.
    • 2. The first survivor will die in Episode 3.
      • Some fans might start to riot on me when they see who it is. Lol.
    • 3. Adam will discove…

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  • Pets1

    Hello everyone

    December 21, 2016 by Pets1


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  • The Noah Killer

    Hey Everyone! I’ve had such great success with my past few stories, I’ve decided to make a third one. It’s going to be pretty complicated, and I have a lot of planning to sort out to get it done. I decided to make an ideas/thoughts page on what I am going to do. So, here’s a list of ideas I have.

    • 1. All survivors from season 2 will return.
    • 2. The survivors will be signed up for college, two years later. They have their first day when the new killer comes in.
      • Although a survivor will NOT die in the first episode, they will “get the message” then.
    • 3. Jacob and Adam will have a bigger role than they did in Season 2.
      • Natalie’s new boyfriend will be Adam. They got along pretty well as they were fellow


    • 4. At least one survivor is keeping sec…

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  • The true ghostface

    Hi guys, I'm here to display my script for my scream TV series idea. I don't know how this will go but lets get started. Scream series 1:

    Episode 1: Opening- When a stranger calls.

    We open on a man and a woman as they get out of their car. The man is named Chris and the girl is Julie.

    Julie: "When you said you were bringing me someplace romantic, I thought it would be some nice hotel, not this crap hole. It looks like something out of a horror movie."

    The camera cuts to reveal an old abandoned barn.

    Chris: "But isn't that the best place to have sex. Slasher villains love coming here."

    He laughs devilishly as they go inside.

    Julie: "God you're such a cheap asshole, I knew we weren't going someplace nice. I should have just stayed home and had some…

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  • JMOfficial

    Hey everyone! After the good reception of my first story, here is the sequel! Get ready for a crazy adventure! 

    A year after the Clearwood murders, the survivors are slowly moving on. However, when the murders start up again, they must deal with a fact that they never wanted to be true: the third killer has returned. 

    • This season will have 12 episodes. 
    • There will be 4 episodes based off of slasher video games in the middle of the season. 
    • A survivor will die in the first episode. 
    • A major revelation involving Ghostface will be revealed in episode 8. 
    • There will be a major subplot involving what the incident that caused Ethan to become The Helper was. It will slowly be revealed in flashbacks through the first half of the season. 
    • Some moments and…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    So, I'm in the middle of a bunch of projects, and I wanted to do a Season Three of Scream, I decided that I'd plan it, but I kinda gave up once I had written the Body Count, and chosen the killer.

    So, the body count is simple, and person who killed them is written after them lol

    Victim: Method: Killer:
    Gina McLaine Thrown over Balcony, Impaled on Fence Troy James
    Audrey Jensen Dismembered with Circular Power Saw Troy James

    Tina Hudson

    Decapitated with Machete Troy James
    New Character Stabbed To Death Troy James

    Miguel Acosta

    Hacked Repeatedly with Axe Troy James

    Kristin Lang

    Diesmboweled and Hung from Tree Troy James
    New Character Throat Slit with Sickle Troy James

    Kevin Duval

    Slaughtered with Chainsaw Troy James
    Howard Jensen Throat Slit and Stabbed in H…

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  • Dcn1989

    It's been three years since the former Club members; Ali, Nicole, Anthony, Coda, and Brittney survived the continued massacre of the Club Ghostface and Ali's Stalker. They've since left the club to a new class of high school students and moved on with their lives. However, a new killer begins killing off the new club members and is forcing the old members to join forces with the new to find out the truth about this new killer.

    A young couple; KAYLA ANDERSON (17) and her boyfriend KEVIN REESE (17) are finishing up having sex.

    They get dress and go downstairs.


    Sitting on the couch is Kayla’s cousin, ADELE ANDERSON (16), cute, innocent, and most likely a virgin. She hears her cousin and her boyfriend come downstairs.

    Kayla walks…

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  • Dcn1989

    The True 1994 Murderers

    December 4, 2016 by Dcn1989

    This is my full theory based on possible evidence and clues on the possible true identity of the 1994 Lakewood Murders that were blamed by Brandon James.

    In 1994, Brandon James, a deformed kid, approached beautiful classmate Maggie "Daisy" Anderson. Upon showing his face, Daisy panicked. Fearing for her life, her boyfriend Kevin Duvall and his friends attacked and viciously beat up Brandon. They claimed that they were protecting her from a monster.

    Angry and hurt over this, Brandon allegedly murder 5 people and injured Kevin Duval. After the murders, Maggie convinced Brandon to meet her at the Wren Lake doc. When he did, she asked for him to turn himself in. A frigthened Brandon told her that all he wanted was to be with her. He gives a carv…

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  • Lissakay21

    scream b

    December 1, 2016 by Lissakay21

    probs obsessed w/ scream more then puppies.

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  • MrWubbzy

    Lol hi im making one too ;)

    Misty was sitting at a table eating soup, her favorite kind of soup, chicken noodle. She slurped some down while watching "The View". "Why didn't Hillary win?" She asked herself. The phone rang, Misty jumped, her soup slightly splashing. Misty took a second to recover, and walked over to the phone. She grabbed the phone and put it to her ear. "Hello?" She waited for a reply.

    "Is Dixie there?" A mans voice answered. 

    "Um no,"

    "Dixie Normous?" The voice asked again.

    "Never heard of them, bye."

    "Okay, bye, I'mma slit your throat now."

    "Wha-" The caller hung up. "Stupid prank calls." Misty sat back down at the table and reached for her spoon, when she realized it was gone. "Why?" She stood up and grabbed her bowl of soup a…

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  • Dcn1989

    A year after surviving the murders against the club, survivors Ali, Nicole, Coda, Brittney, Anthony, along with new friends must face off against more killers. One who appears to be a fanboy of Brian Haines and Ali's mysterious stalker who calls himself "The Ghost."

    It’s a year after the original murders.

    At the police station, a Guard is reading a PLAYBOY magazine. Completely ignoring the security monitor next to him.

    STEVENS: Hey!

    The Guard jumps and turns to find standing at the counter is OFFICER STEVENS (20s), young, rookie, and stupid.

    STEVEN: I need to get into the evidence room.

    GUARD: Of course.

    The Guard throws him a card.

    GUARD: Code is 32046

    STEVENS: 32046. Got it.

    Through a combination of SECURITY CAMERAS and STEVEN’S POV, we watch as t…

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  • JMOfficial

    Hey guys! Some of you may know that I wrote a trilogy of stories about Ghostface. Well, now that that series is over, I am now starting a new series, which I hope people enjoy! 

    When a group of teens are found murdered in the town of Clearwood, the friends of the murdered teens find themselves being hunted down by a killer using the identity of Ghostface from Scream. 

    • There will be 10 episodes.
    • There will be a lot of deaths. 
    • There will be a MAJOR revelation about Ghostface in the mid season finale. 
    • There will be some VERY unexpected moments. 
    • There is a mysterious character known as The Helper, who is trying to help one of the main characters survive. Their identity will be revealed in episode 4.

    Jennifer Roberts (17)-(10/10)- The main female l…

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  • MrWubbzy


    November 22, 2016 by MrWubbzy

    We have kittens

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  • MrWubbzy

    "One of the showrunners revealed that MTV was gonna close the series with the Halloween special, but after the requests of Netflix, MTV decided to renew the series for a season 3. Thank you Netflix"

    Scream France posted that and most of their info is true. But thank you netflix

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  • Finlau01

    Season 1 and 2 Reversed

    November 11, 2016 by Finlau01

    Colour Character Status
    ✔ Still Alive
    Not Seen
    C Credit Only
    X Dies
    F Flashback
    H Hallucination
    V Voice
    VF Video Footage
    K Revealed as Killer
    KK Revealed as Killer and Killed
    ✞ Dead Body

    Season 1

    Characters Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10
    Tyler O'Neill ✔
    Nina Patterson ✔
    Rachel Murray ✔
    Dara Alden ✔

    Brett Keener ✔
    Riley Marra ✔
    Will Belmont ✔
    Deputy Clifton Roberts ✔

    Sheriff Clark Hudson

    Grayson Pfeiffer

    Piper Shaw
    V H

    Kevin Duval
    ✔ KK
    Detective Lorraine Brock

    Mayor Quinn Maddox ✔ X
    Seth Branson
    X ✞
    Jake Fitzgerald ✔ X H

    Maggie Duval ✔ X

    Brooke Maddox

    Kieran Wilcox

    Noah Foster ✔ X

    Audrey Jensen X ✞

    Emma Duval X

    Season 2

    Сharacters Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 1…

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  • Dcn1989

    The SCREAM Club

    November 10, 2016 by Dcn1989

    Nicole has formed a group of friends to allow her outcast friend Ali and movie geek Coda to be apart of their circle of friends after leaving Melissa, the leader of her old group, due to Melissa's treatment towards Ali. However, Nicole, Ali, and the rest of the club are targeted by a killer.

    Rich and popular girl MELISSA JONES (17) is throwing a party at her family's mansion while her parents are out for the night. She's invited nearly half of the school and they've invited their own friends.

    Melissa is the leader of a group of friends that consists of NICOLE OSBURN, Nicole's boyfriend DOLAN ABBOT, ANTHONY BISHOP (Nicole's best male friend), Anthony's girlfriend KELSEY KLEVIN, BRITTNEY HOWARD, who is a close friend of both Melissa and Nicole…

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  • ScreamKing93

    Hi all!

    I've been a user on this Wikia for several years now, though I'm a lot less active now than I have been previously. I have never seen the TV series and I'm unsure if I ever will. I realize however, that a lot of the users who visit these pages now are huge fans of the TV show so I'm not sure if anyone would have an interest in reading my version of Scream 5 so I thought I'd make a blog asking you guys directly if you'd be interested.

    I'll start by saying how much I love the Scream movies and how much they insipire me to write and create in my every day life. I have previously written my own re-do of the Scream franchise but I've never done anything quite like this when it comes to continuing the saga.

    For the last few weeks, I have be…

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  • ScreamTheories2016


    November 1, 2016 by ScreamTheories2016

    So I'm thinking of writing an original slasher story, and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions or things you want to see in it?

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  • The Noah Killer

    Hey everyone! This is Noahop, who has now changed his username to "The Noah Killer", continuing his fanfic. I promised you a sequel and here it is! I'll try my best to make it even better than before. Leave me some comments and let know what you think!

    One year after the tragic events of a killing spree, our survivors are starting a new life and moved on to Senior year. It should have been a happy ending to a tragedy, but fate has other plans. When the body count being pilling up again, Natalie Crane and her family realize that their torment is far from over.

    • There will be 11 episodes this season.
    • There will be more deaths than last season.
      • A major character will die in the first episode.
    • The Course of the season will be similar to the actual …

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  • Dcn1989

    Immediately after the events of the previous story, Amelia Gallo joins Rover and his band of soldiers known as SURFACK (Survivors Fight Back) led temporary by Colonel A and his wife Colonel Bee. Both Surfack and Tarevender seek out Amelia's support for their cause. Surfack's claim for her support is because she, like them, is a survivor of brutal murders. Tarevender's claim for Amelia's support is over a personal secret connection she has with Ghostface killer Jyle Venedict that even she is unaware of.

    Stay with me for the entire story. In the end, the true identites of Rover, Colonel A, Colonel Bee, and the two mysterious Supreme Commanding Generals of Surfack will be revealed. It will be epic and excite you when you realize their roles an…

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  • MrWubbzy

    This is my story

    October 18, 2016 by MrWubbzy

    It's a story with my real life friends and such. I'll give you props if you can find my character.

    It's on going and I usually finish a chapter everyday

    Read more >
  • FiveNights4Days

    Which Ghostface do you guys think in any way stands out from the rest.

    This Ghostface is clever enough to fool his victim into one measly mistake and they die. This Ghostface doesn't let any of his victims get away and if not killing them, will injure them (unmasked included), maybe even Sidney or Emma?

    After making you decisions, describe why you chose the killers you chose in the comments below.

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  • Dcn1989


    October 10, 2016 by Dcn1989

    Amelia Gallo and her friends must fight to stay alive when a serial killer we know as GHOSTFACE hunts them down at a family mansion. However, what they don't realize is that the Ghostface is not your ordinary crazy psycho in a mask. Ghostface is part of a secret organization called TAREVENDER that commits acts of murder for clients who seek revenge. Now they must figure out who is targetting them.

    Movie references: Scream (Obviously), Star Wars (All 7 films), Friday the 13th Part 3, Halloween: The Curse of Michale Myers.

    This is STILL Scream. Despite the major difference, it has the same elements. Ghostface is the killer and there is a identity and motive reveal. It's all there. Don't let the plot's summary fool you. It's still the tradition…

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  • Dcn1989

    NOTE: The Tyler and Nancy story "Scream 4: The New Honor" is on hold due to writer's block for that story.

    This is a new trilogy. The title "The Author's First Plan" will be part of the a twist in the end. This has no relations to the Tyler and Nancy story.

    PLOT: Fifteen years after a tragic house fire, teenage girl Maddy Reynolds is put in the center of a murder spree where her family and friends are the targets of a killer who may know a horrible secret involving the house fire.


    “An author is a person who created (or is creating) a written work such as a book, poem, or article.”


    “Creator of anything. Rather it be a list, thought, chart...or a plan.”

    Saturday, August 19, 2000 - Clea…

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  • FiveNights4Days

    Most of these are Ghostface kills, just so you know. Minor injuries included. Overkill included as well. Injuries sustained in movie (not just death scene) included. This is unfinished.

    • Note: If most of the death is one-screen, it's ruled an on-screen death. This will not always apply though.
    • If most of the death is off-screen, its ruled an off-screen death.

    Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Notes
    Maureen Prescott Raped, knifed in groin/chest twice/head Billy Loomis, Stuart "Stu" Macher, Roman Bridger No One year prior to movie, body bag shown in "Scream 3"
    Steven "Steve" Orth Bound to chair (off-screen), gagged with tape (off-screen), gutted through back with hunting knife/intestines poured out Ghostface/Stuart "Stu" Macher Yes

    Casey Becker Knif…

    Read more >

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