• Gothamlover

    It's a mystery as old as the film itself as to who was behind the Ghostface mask at specific points in Scream. I've pondered and theorised for years, and now I want to share my opinions with you.  


    Each killer in the series has his/her own method of killing. This ranges from the amount of stabs to the way they hold the weapon, and can help distinguish who is in the mask at certain times.  

    Billy Loomis.   

    Billy preferred to stab his victims multiple times, as seen at the end of the movie with Stu. He typically held his knife in with one hand arched above his head. He was a somewhat precise Ghostface and also grabbed or choked his victims. 

    Stu Macher.   

    As opposed to his partner, Stu was clumsy and jokester-like in the costume.…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Story

    August 18, 2017 by Dcn1989

    The Honor Story is the full story about the entire Honor fan fiction stories. From their completely different origins to what i has become evolved to. We will learn about everything from the stories, character, and trivia. Things we may remember or forget will be brought back. Things you may not have understood will be explained. But best of will get the full story about Donald Newton's most beloved and iconic fan fiction story about a family who stood by each other to the death.

    The Honor Fan Fics are focused on The Carter family; Nancy, Tyler, Clarence, Kathy, Lorraine, and Andrew. A family with an incredible past. In many versions, their pasts are different. But they had major similarities to each other. In the backstory, Claren…

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  • The Noah Killer

    The Honor Saga: Episode IX - The Final Chapter is the ninth and final episode of the Honor Saga, orginally written by Donald Newton. This story is written by Noah Ben-Maor, with VERY LITTLE help from Donald Newton this time.

    6 months after the murders on Hart's island, Nancy and all of the remaining survivors are forced into a final conflict with a returning Chromeface. As Surfack suffers unimaginable losses, Nancy wrestles with her emotions and resolves to avenge her friends and family. When they are finally face to face, Nancy and Chromeface are pitted against each other in an epic final battle that will answer all questions and decide the fate of Surfack.

    | style="text-align:center;"|Actively Killing |}

    # Character
    1 N/A
    2 N/A
    3 N/A
    4 N/A

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  • The Noah Killer

    Ten years later, Redfield earns its nickname of "Murderville" again, after the murders of lovers Cheryl Blossom and Billy Cooper. After the bodies are found, a new group of teenagers, as well as the survivors, face death and destruction by the hands of new killers with connections a murderous organization called Tarvender.

    | style="text-align:center;"|Actively Calling |}

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  • Dcn1989

    Zero Honor

    August 17, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Zero Honor is a story written by Donald Newton. It's taken from The Honor Saga, more specifically Episodes IV and V. This story focuses on Zero Carter. Using elements of Friday the 13th and Halloween, Zero is origins and rise in terror are introduced.

    After murdering his family, Zero Carter is institutionalized for fifteen years until he escapes to find more victims. He targets the King family, stalking the youngest daughter, Stephanie, who lives in the Carter home.

     Female Character | style="text-align:center;"|N/A | style="text-align:center;"|Zero | style="text-align:center;"|15 |- | style="text-align:center;"|26 | style="text-align:center;"|MAJOR MAIN MALE CHARACTER (SAD DEATH) | style="text-align:center;"|N/A | style="text-align:center;"…

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  • Votesmall

    Roman Bridger Fan Page

    August 16, 2017 by Votesmall


    Hello, everyone. Votesmall here, and I've decided to make a fan page based around my favorite Ghostface: Roman Bridger of Scream 3, since fan pages seem popular around here.

    I'm adding this because the page will probably soon be deleted like my other two pages (sucks because I worked really hard on them, especially the Mrs. Loomis page) and I want to make sure that my hard work lives on after it's gone. A contingency.

    This is a safe-haven for fans of Roman like myself! If you have something to say about Roman, don't hesitate to talk about it! This page is not meant to glorify him, either. He is a psychotic serial killer. But what it is meant to do is discuss how efficient and intelligent he is. Enjoy.

    My own theory is that he resembles Fred…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    The Honoring (Part 1)

    August 15, 2017 by Chainsaw-xo

    The Honoring (Part 1) is the first part of Chainsaw-xo's version of Dcn1989's The Honor Trilogy. However, it acts as the first part of the sequel to American Screamer Story. It is intended to be the first part of a trilogy.

    After being hired by a mysterious person named The Client, Tarvender finds itself becoming involved with the Carters, causing secrets to unravel. While the killer's identity's are not a secret, the identity of The Client is. Tyler and Nancy find themselves learning a lot about their deceased mother, Lorraine Carter. 

    Tyler Carter (17) Description:
    The main final boy of the story. Tyler and his twin-sister, Nancy, are living with their grandparents due to their mother’s death. When The Executioner and his men turn up, Tyler…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Screaming Joker is a story written by Donald Newton. It is the second story in The Joker trilogy.

    Five months after surviving the previous Joker murder spree, the Marysvile Survivors; Renee, Derek, Chloe, Charles, and Simon is targeted by the new Joker and his accomplice, Harley Quinn.

    • Tara's accomplice will be revealed in this story.
    • Tara's victims and the new Joker's victims from the first story will be confirmed in this story.
    • A survivor will die.
    • There will be a surprising bombshell about the Joker killing the victims in Chapter 11 once the Joker is revealed.

    # Victim COD Killer CH
    1 Will Byers (The New Joker) Stabbed in the chest with broke DISC Simon Foley 1
    2 MAJOR SURVIVOR N/A Harley Quinn 7
    3 Minor Character N/A The Joker 11
    4 Minor Char…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Tarevender

    August 11, 2017 by Dcn1989

    The Tarevender is a story written by Donald Newton. It is a new Tarevender/Surfack story unrelated to the previous ones. This story has a Terminator-like theme to it.

    Alyssa Moyer is targeted for termination by Tarevender as she discovers that she is the heir apparent of leadership of Surfack. Patrick Villane, Surfack's best soldier, is sent to protect her and stop the Tarevender sent to kill her.

    TEASER: The Tarevender begins his mission by obtaining clothes from three teens, who dare try to mess with him.

    TEASER: Patrick Villane begins his mission in a bad way as he's chased down by police, mistaking him for a biker gangster.

    TEASER: We meet our final girl, Alyssa Moyer in her daily life. Meanwhile, the Tarevender tracks down Alyssa Moyer...a…

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  • The Noah Killer

    The Honor Saga: Episode VIII - Blood on Hart's Island is the eight story of the Honor Saga. This will be the very first story which the Saga's original authory, Donald Newton, is NOT the main author. The story will be written by Noah Ben-Maor, but with the help of Donald.

    Our beloved Clearwood teens have moved on from Tarevender. Now in their last year in high school, the Clearwood teens and their classmates join their teacher to Hart's Island, where they plan to have some fun. But the fun comes to an end when Brandonface stalks their class.

    | style="text-align:center;"|Actively Killing |}

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  • JMOfficial

    In the quiet town of Salem, a group of teens and adults become targeted by a bunch of killers, with different agendas. As the murders go on, the group has to face their secrets and lies, as more and more are killed, and killers are revealed.

    WESLEY HASTINGS (25): The final boy, Wesley is the brother of Spencer and son of Peter. He is the primary target of Ghostface. He is a comedic, childish guy, but when the murders start, he steps up and shows his mature side, as his and his friends lives hang in the balance. He will work hard to stop the killers.

    SPENCER HASTINGS (17): The final girl, Spencer is the sister of Wesley and daughter of Peter. She is the other main target of Ghostface, and has a crush on Toby. She is smart, pretty, and a goo…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Five months after Noah Carter’s killing spree, the survivors are plunged into another round of a game for survival. This time, the body count increases, nobody is innocent, and secrets will come into light, some that have been buried for far too long.

    BETH GREENE/LIDDELL (16): The final girl of the series. Beth has been trying to get past Wren's betrayal and move on. This is foiled when Maggie is shot, and Beth finds she must fight, with or without Maggie, harder than ever to survive.

    MAGGIE GREENE (18): The older adoptive sister of Beth and secondary final girl. After being shot by the gunman, Maggie's life hangs in the balance. If she dies, then her death will bring horror and misery to her family. If she survives, then her death will b…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    One year after the second tragic killing spree, a new killer, under the alias CHROMEFACE shows up to finish off what Zoe and Aaron started. Once again, Violet and her friends find themselves in the middle of a murder spree. One that could leave no survivors.

    | style="text-align:center;"|Alive and Escaped |}

    # Survivor
    1 Valentina Romero
    2 Luke Ramsey
    3 Gustavo Jr. Maddox
    4 Jason DiLaurentis/Jyle Venedict Read more >
  • Dcn1989

    The Screaming Joker

    July 28, 2017 by Dcn1989

    The Screaming Joker is a story written by Donald Newton. It's the first story Donald has written since the end of his Honor Saga.

    Ten years after serial child molester and killer Jeff Blythe, known as The Joker, was arrested and executed, a new killer donning his Joker mask is targeting a group of teens, whom are unaware of their dark past with Blythe.

    BRIAN SCHILLINGS (16) is walking through a field to get to his girlfriend’s house. As he walks around, he hears footsteps. He looks around and asks if anyone is there. But there is nothing nor anybody there. Satisfied that he was just hearing things, Brian continues on walking. As he continues to walk on forward, he walks into a bear trap. He falls and screams in agony. He calls out for help. H…

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  • ScaryMovie53

    Scream Noir

    July 23, 2017 by ScaryMovie53

    Scream Noir is my very first fanfic in this wiki and (possibly) the first one of a series. Although the story begin sometime after Scream 4 ended, it's not a sequel, but rather in independent story with some familiar characters.

    Long time have passed since the events of Scream 4. Judy Hicks, who left Woodsboro to become the sheriff of Cravenhill, doing her best to move on. Unfortunately for her, 2 new killers choose her as one of their two prime targets, along with Kirby Reed, who spent the last 7 years at a mental hospital after narrowly surviving her attack by Charlie Walker. The 2 girls decided to join forces againts the new killers, before any of them will rest in peace, or rather rest in pieces...

    Judy Hicks (41): The final girl of the…

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  • Matthew Bowyer Fan

    Hi, I wonder your opinion on who killed Will.

    I think that unless proven otherwise by show or writer, it is best to consider Piper for all Season 1 kills, except for Rachel and maybe Clark, but:

    I feel like Will's death was set up by both, Piper and Kieran. It was most brutal death in S1. Also someone had to guard Will while setting it up. I'm pretty sure however, that it was Piper's idea to kill someone this way.

    Let me know what do you think.

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Saga: Episode VII - The Screaming Dead is the seventh story of the Honor Saga. This will be the most outlandish, far from Scream as I'll ever get. This story focuses on Clearwood's downfall under the control and terror of Tarevender leader, Negan.

    The survivors known as the Clearwood Club suffer the most in the most brutal way. Not just by murder. But by fear and control. Tarevender, under the leadership of Negan, has done what no other Scream villain in the Honor stories has done -- BROKEN OUR HEROS.

    Certain characters won't be seen until AFTER the killer reveal of the current story.

    Everyone begins to panic. Especially Mandy, who is fearing for her husband’s life. But Kevin, on the other, is brave and tough. He holds his hands out,…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    Four months after Zoe Benson's killing spree, Ghostface returns, with the intentions of ending Violet Harmon and those she loves.

    ) | style="text-align:center;"|9 |- | style="text-align:center;"|21 | style="text-align:center;"|Vivian Harmon | style="text-align:center;"|Head Bashed in with Candlestick (Off-Screen) | style="text-align:center;"|Aaron Summers | style="text-align:center;"|10 |- | style="text-align:center;"|22 | style="text-align:center;"|The Real John Lowe | style="text-align:center;"|Poisoned (Before Season 1) | style="text-align:center;"|Aaron Summers | style="text-align:center;"|10 |- | style="text-align:center;"|23 | style="text-align:center;"|Aaron Summers | style="text-align:center;"|Hacked 8 times with Axe and Decapitated…

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  • The Noah Killer

    10 years ago, a house fire killed the entire Liddell family except for the youngest member, Beth Liddell. Believing herself responsible, Beth has spent 10 years at Redfield sanatorium before being adopted by the Greene family as Beth Greene. Beth hopes to move on with her new family, but when a brutal series of murders start up, Beth realizes her nightmares are far from over and the truth is not as it seems...

    BETH GREENE/LIDDELL (16): The final girl of the series. After a house fire killed her biological family, Beth spent 10 years at an insane asylum before being adopted by the Greene family. Beth will learn shocking secrets and fight to survive when the murders start up.

    MAGGIE GREENE (18): The older adoptive sister of Beth and seconda…

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  • JMOfficial

    Two years after the second murder spree, the Liberty Nine, now college students, have moved on and are living normal lives. However, all of that changes when Omega Ghostface returns to Liberty, alongside a new solo killer, Ghostface. Now, everyone must fight for their lives as the killers show that they don't plan on anyone surviving.

    Two years after the second killing spree, a survivor is attacked, leading to a massacre from Omega Ghostface, showing that the murders are restarting. 

    The Liberty Nine must deal with the fact that the murders are starting back up again. The new group argues whether to become friends with the survivors, and Jason's sister, as well as her friends, come to Liberty. 

    When the biggest party of the year occurs, the m…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Saga: Episode VI - Sins of the Kin is the sixth story of the Honor Saga. This story does NOT focus on the traditional Clearwood Club character as it introduces a new main character.

    Patrick Villane is living with his mother four years after his estrange father was killed. But when his father died, he died with a secret life that he kept from his son. However, his father's life may come to haunt Patrick as he and his friends become targets of a new Ghostface killer.


    Negan points at us. Saying, “IT!”

    NEGAN: Anybody moves. Anybody says anything. Slit little blondie’s (Nancy) throat and feed her to the dogs. And then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell...You’re all…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    In a small town, known as Roseland, Violet Harmon and her family find themselves to have targets on their backs as a killer, known as Ghostface, kills off those close to them.

     and Spalding | style="text-align:center;"|3 |- | style="text-align:center;"|14 | style="text-align:center;"|Ben Harmon | style="text-align:center;"|Tortured and Gutted (Off-Screen) | style="text-align:center;"|Zoe Benson | style="text-align:center;"|5 |- | style="text-align:center;"|15 | style="text-align:center;"|Madison Montgomery | style="text-align:center;"|Stabbed in Neck, Throat Slashed | style="text-align:center;"|Zoe Benson | style="text-align:center;"|5 |- | style="text-align:center;"|16 | style="text-align:center;"|Constance Langdon | style="text-align:cent…

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  • The Noah Killer

    One year after the second murder spree, the survivors are trying to move on. However, when a familiar face returns to town, the final chapter of the Author's saga begins, and the survivors are plucked off, one by one.

    After a year of peace, Liberty is plunged into chaos once again when the Author murders several people, but one manages to escape.

    Learning about the brutal night of murders, the survivors deal with the possibility of a new killing spree. The Author kidnaps two survivors, confirming their suspicions.

    The Author brutally tortures his captive survivors. The others band together to try and rescue their friends, but are too late to stop the horror.

    After the brutal murders of Emily and Eleven, the survivors mourn for their losses. Me…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Saga: Episode V - The Screams of Tarevender is the fifth story of the Honor Saga and the second story of the Tyler and Nancy trilogy. Written and Co-Written by Donald Newton and Noah Ben-Maor.

    Zero Carter is now allianced with Tarevender in their goals to kill people for honor of their clients. However, the Clearwood Club is on the hunt for Zero and is out exterminating many agents of Tarevender in hopes of finding Zero and ending his reign of terror once and for all.

    At the TAREVENDER HEADQUARTERS, Zero Carter (21) is seeing the Tarevender doctor, who is fitting his severed arm with a new mechanical arm. But it’s not just a new arm. It’s a new weapon as well. It’s a mechanical arm with a hidden blade under the wrist. Similar to Mer…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Two months after the deaths of the Ghostface killers, the survivors are struggling to move on with their loses. However, they soon realize that the Author has no intention of ending his story early. As more and more victims are claimed, Nancy and Clay must fight for survival.

    CLAY JENSEN (17): The final boy of the Liberty murders. After uncovering Hannah's sins, Clay has been satisfied to learn all of the secrets. However, Clay is brought back into the chaos when the Author returns, and becomes deeper into the action this time.

    NANCY BYERS (17): The main final girl of the trilogy. Nancy has been depressed by Joyce's death, but has been trying to move on, with Spencer adopting her. She will grow closer to her as many of her closest friends…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Saga: Episode IV - The Screams of Patient Zero is the fourth story in the Honor Saga and the first in the Tyler and Nancy trilogy.

    PLOT: Zero, formerly known as Little Man, escapes from the mental hospital nearly ten years after his last murder spree. He now targets his mother, Lorraine, and his younger siblings Tyler and Nancy.


    A changed woman, Lorraine is now married to Scott and is a good mother to her twins, Tyler and Nancy. She is the story's final girl. She must protect her family from her first child ZERO, formerly known as Little Man, who has become the primary killer.

    Picture of Lisa Robin Kelly as Lorraine Lane.

    SCOTT LANE (29)

    Scott is Lorraine's husband and the father of Tyler and Nancy. He runs the WAV…

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  • Kitehang

    Scream 4

    June 16, 2017 by Kitehang

    I love Scream 4.I just wish that evryone realizes that Jill was on of the killer, that she framed Trevor, and she tricked them all and realized she was evil

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  • JMOfficial

    One month after Jessica's death, an attack is made, leading to a survivor's death. As more and more victims are claimed, Clay and his friends must deal with Omega and his new partner, as well as a new solo killer, as Liberty suffers its second killing spree. Now, Clay must fight to protect his friends as more deaths occur. 

     CLAY JENSEN (17): The final boy of the trilogy, Clay is the main target of the murders once again. Now more prepared after going through one killing spree, he will work to defeat Omega and the others, with the help of his friends. 

    SKYE MILLER (17): The final girl of the trilogy, Skye is a much more major character this season. She works with Clay to find the killer. They eventually begin growing closer to each other a…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Saga: Episode III - The Rise of the Little Screamer is the third and final story in the prequel trilogy. It is written by Donald Newton, with help and advice from Noah Ben-Maor.

    PLOT: After Lorraine makes her final rejection towards her son, Brandonface and Little Man vows to avenge this abandonment by targeting Lorraine, her family, and friends.


    Lorraine is now the main target with Brandonface and Little Man has the sole killers of the story. She has been developing feelings for Scott, who she use to hate with a passion.

    Picture of Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman in That 70s Show as she would appear as Lorraine Carter.

    SCOTT LANE (19)

    Scott is still living with the Carters. He has been developing feelings for L…

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  • Dcn1989

    The Honor Saga: Episode II - Whisper To A Scream is the sequel to The First Scream and the second part of the prequel trilogy of the Honor Stories.

    PLOT: Andrew, Scott, Iris, and the Carter family have moved on since the previous murder spree. They have met new friends and found new love. However, a new Ghostface killer is targeting the group and Lorraine is still being terrorized by Brandonface.


    Andrew is the main character of the story. He has moved on since the death of his girlfriend from the previous story. He meets his new neighbors, the Prices, and falls for their daughter, Daphne.

    Picture of Topher Grace as Eric Forman in That 70s Show as he would appear as Andrew Carter.

    SCOTT LANE (17)

    Scott has moved from the murde…

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  • Dcn1989

    'Francis is the name given to every Ghostface killer written by Donald Newton who wears the Ghostface mask that is combination of both the original Father Death mask and the Brandon James mask.

    The name Francis is a name combination of Father Death-Brandon-Faces (FatherbRANdonfaCIS).

    The name is used in many of Donald's stories. Most notably Scream the 13th, The Ghostface Family, and The Honor Saga.

    The photo used that was the inspiration for Francis is a fan art picture of what a mask combined with the original Father Death mask of the movies and the Brandon James mask of the show together would look like. This appears to be more frightening than either of the masks.

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  • Dcn1989

    Scream 2: The Honor Continues is the second original Tyler and Nancy story. This is for Alex (Chainsaw) so that he can get inspiration for his version of Tyler and Nancy.

    FLASHBACK (B&W) - 1990

    We hear a slapping occur. A little girl falls to the floor. She turns to us. Crying. We recognize her. She's 10 year old EMILIA CARTER (Ghostface in the previous story). She's innocent and vulnerable here during this time in her life.

    She looks up at her slapper. It's her older foster sister VANESSA (17). She's a total bitch. She looks down on her little foster sister. Angry and hateful. Not even Lorraine or Andrew treated each other like this.

    VANESSA: You're so pathetic, you little bitch. You're so lucky that we even took your worthless ass in. I don't…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Hello, everyone. I'm Trae, former user from Glee Wiki and also the founder of Empire Wiki. I've been a Scream fan since childhood, but I'm pretty new here and I was quite interested while reading some of your ideas and fanfictions. I do watch the show from time to time, but I've always stuck to the classic films.

    I'm well aware that there won't be any possibility of a Scream 5, especially since Wes Craven's death, but I think if there were a Scream 5, it would be its last.

    So, my idea of a final installment is this. Hope you guys like it. :)


    The Final Scream (styled as The Final 5CREAM) is an upcoming 2018 American slasher film, the fifth and final installment in the Scream franchise. The film continues the events from Scream 4, …

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  • Dcn1989

    SCREAM: For Love & Honor was the ORIGINAL Tyler and Nancy story. I am reposting this so that Alex (Chainsaw) can read all of the Tyler & Nancy stories for inspirations for what we hope to be his own version of the Tyler & Nancy stories. And, of course, so that fans can relive the original story.

    APRIL OF 1995

    We are in a bedroom. Several quick shots of a couple having sex. The woman, a blonde, is MANDY MCGUIRE (33 but looks 21), smoking-hot with a high school-college youth appearance. The man is WILL BAILEY (19), Mandy's much younger lover.

    Later, Mandy and Will are done having sex and are putting their clothes back on.

    MANDY: You better skedaddle before my husband gets home. He should have been home by now.

    Will chuckles. He enjoys the fear tha…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    Game of Survival is a stand alone story. It serves as a reboot of The Primal Fear trilogy, but with significant differences. The story will be in two sections, 1A and 1B.

    After the brutal murders of four teenagers, Waldenwood is shook to it's core as the killer starts killing everybody in his path. Everybody soon starts to realise that the people around them are keeping secrets.

    Austin Thomas (17)

    Our main male lead. Very handsome and popular, but is on bad terms with Ginger Baker. As the killings start up, Austin comes to realise that even the ones closest to him might be lying to him. He becomes determined to find this sadistic murderer who’s killing off his friends. He is dating Tristian Knight.

    Picture of Tommy Dorfman as he would appear a…

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  • Dcn1989

    Every story has a middle point. Ours is when Tyler and Nancy meet for the first time.

    Every story has an ending. Ours is usually with Nancy moving on after losing her family and friends.

    But where there's an ending...there is always...A BEGINNING,

    Before Tyler and Nancy were the stars...

    Before Andrew and Scott were parents...


    The Honor Saga: Episode I - The First Scream is the prequel to the Tyler and Nancy stories.

    PLOT: Andrew Carter and Scott Lane are teenage best friends, who belong to different groups of friends, are brought together when a killer targets their family and friends.


    Andrew is the main character of the story. Andrew lives with his parents and slutty sister, Lorraine. He's best frien…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    • 1. Alison Harris - Throat Slit (Hayley Campbell)
    • 2. Michael Sevens - Stabbed Repeatedly (Hayley Campbell)
    • 3. Billy Gould - Hacked to Death (Sean Hayes)
    • 4. Cop - Impaled Through Eye (Hayley Campbell)
    • 5. Leanne Floyd - Stomach Mutilated with Electric Tiller, Disembowled (Sean Hayes & Hayley Campbell)
    • 6. Harry Thomas - Slaughtered with Circular Power Saw (Hayley Campbell)
    • 7. Deputy Dennis Alman - Impaled and Decapitated with Machete (Sean Hayes)
    • 8. Ava's Mother and Stepfather - Died in House Fire (Before Season 1) (Caused by Ava)
    • 9. Emily Edwards - Throat Slit, Stabbed In Back (Sean Hayes)
    • 10. Sage The Dog - Ran Into Road and Hit by Car (Caused By Austin Thomas) 
    • 11. Alissa Miller - Froze to Death (Sean Hayes)
    • 12. Mr & Mrs Ramsey - Died from Car Crash I…

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  • The Noah Killer

    One month after the suicide of Hannah Baker, a small town is haunted by the presence of several masked murderers, who are intent on avenging her. Clay Jensen and Nancy Byers, old friends of Hannah, find themselves the prime targets of a murder spree, and they go on a journey to stop the killers and uncover stunning revelations.

    CLAY JENSEN (17): The main final boy of the trilogy. Clay is Hannah’s closest friend before her suicide. He receives 9 out of 10 of Hannah’s tapes, leading him and Nancy to slowly uncover all secrets. He is afraid of what will be on the final tape.

    NANCY BYERS (17): The main final girl of the trilogy. Nancy used be a great friend to Hannah before her suicide. In this version, she is the sister of Jonathan and Will …

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  • Lord Murgon

    Piper Shaw

    May 20, 2017 by Lord Murgon

    Seriously Piper Shaw is awesome!!! 

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  • Dcn1989

    Four Twenty

    May 12, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Four Twenty is a story written by Donald Newton. It revolves around the infamous date of April 20th, which is known as 4/20.

    PLOT: April 20, 2012, Jyle Venedict murders a group of friends at Emothoes High School. Five years later, Joey Donovan has a vision of a school shooting. Due to a panic attack, Joey is able to save herself, her sister, and their friends from the shooting. A year later, Jyle Venedict escapes from the mental hospital and a new murder begins.

    JYLE VENEDICT (18-24)

    On April 20, 2012, Jyle Venedict attacked and murder multiple of his former classmates in the Chromeface costume. He is arrested and sent to a mental hospital. But in 2018, he escapes from the hospital. Immediately after his escape, there is a new murder spree b…

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  • Dcn1989

    Scream Halloween

    May 7, 2017 by Dcn1989

    Scream Halloween is Donald Newton's fan fiction crossover of Scream and Halloween. It's an alternate ending to Halloween 5 and takes places of Halloween 6.

    9 years after Jamie Lloyd survived her second run-in with her serial killing uncle, Michael Myers, she is trying to move on with her new life. But a killer wearing the infamous costume of Michael Myers is targeting Jamie and her friends. Is Michael Myers back or is somebody trying to continue his dark legacy and finish where he left off?

    JAMIE LLOYD (16): Jamie is still haunted by the memories of her Uncle Michael Myers. She is now living with a new family after the Carruthers (from 4&5) could no longer take care of her. She is loved by her new family and she is dating Billy from Halloween…

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  • Josh1010

    Since the kween says that season 3 will be more diverse, who do you think should get casted? Name an actor/actress and give them a character name and bio. Have fun!!!

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  • JMOfficial

    In a small town, Hannah Baker as well as her parents are found murdered. When Clay Jensen, a friend of hers, becomes the temporary owner of 13 tapes she recorded before her murder, he goes on a journey to find out who killed Hannah Baker, and why he is apart of it. Meanwhile, someone begins killing the people on Hannah's tapes, one by one.

    CLAY JENSEN (17): The main character, Clay is Hannah's closest friend. As he listens to her tapes, Clay goes on a hunt for her killer, as all the secrets are slowly revealed. Clay is afraid of what he will find when he hears his tape. 

    HANNAH BAKER (17): The main focus of the story, Hannah was murdered one night. Hannah asked her killer if she could record 13 tapes about the people who caused her murder.…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Two years after suffering even more devastating losses, the survivors have tried to move on into college, but Jenna and Wilden have no intention of stopping their crusade just yet. They organize a final murder spree to destroy the Rosewood Nine. With the help of Bethany Young, Jenna and Wilden make sure that nobody is safe this time, and nobody, if anyone, leaves unhurt.

    EMILY FIELDS/CHARLOTTE DiLaurentis (18): Still the main target and final girl of the Rosewood murders. She has been heartbroken at the deaths of Maya and Archer, and is horrified at the notion of a third killing spree. Emily will do everything she can to finally end Jenna’s crusade.

    SPENCER HASTINGS (19): Still the secondary final girl, and still dating Eric. Spencer has …

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  • Dcn1989

    The Death of the Liberators is a short single chapter written by Donald Newton. It is a response to Noah's Pretty Little Screamers Season 2 ending.

    Liberators A (Jenna Marshall) and C (Darren Wilden) are hanging at their new headquarters, WOODSIDE ELEMENTARY (They felt they needed to change their location) when they get a phone call. A answers. A familiar voice is heard. It’s Jyle Venedict aka Chromeface. Jyle tells A that he wants to meet with him and C because he has some information on Spencer and Emily that may help them. A rejects the help. Jyle tells A that he knows who she is posing as (As in her new identity, which Noah has yet to reveal). A chuckles with denial. But Jyle says a name, which we don’t hear. A is startled over this. A a…

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  • Chainsaw-xo

    Following the one year anniversary of bullied teenager, Tristian Knight's suicide and a group of teenagers being murdered due to being one of the reasons why Tristian ended his life, Waldenwood is reinstated of its nickname 'Murdertown' as it faces the death and destruction once again.

    Cheryl Fitzgerald (17)

    The primary final girl. Cheryl was one of the only friends Tristian had before he committed suicide. She was loyal to him, despite all the rumours and lies said about him. Cheryl is the twin sister of Chase Fitzgerald.

    Picture of Mary Katherine Duhon as Haley Meyers in Scream (TV Series) as she would appear as Cheryl Fitzgerald.
    Valerie Valentine (17)

    The secondary final girls. Like Cheryl, Valerie was one of the only friends Tristian had…

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  • ScreamMTV

    Stab: The TV Series

    April 15, 2017 by ScreamMTV

    Hi everyone,

    So you all remember in the Scream movies there were these fictional Stab movies, right? Well, I created a wiki called Stab: The TV Series which is a TV series adaption of the Stab movies from Scream 2, 3 and 4. Just to clarify, it's a fake TV series that I'm creating for fun. As of now it's still in the very early stages but if anyone would like to see what I'm posting on the wiki you can find it at

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  • BrandonJames1994

    Season 3

    April 8, 2017 by BrandonJames1994

    Season Three is the third instalment in the Scream (TV Series). 

    A year since the attacks on Shallow Grove island, Emma Duval puts her mind to work in Lakewood University and away from home, she finds the past is coming back to get her as the puzzle-pieces in her life fall apart yet again and she's drawn back to town. Ready for Round 3, a mysterious visit in town begins haunting Maggie and the remaining Lakewood Six as both Brooke, Audrey, Stavo and Gina become the latest targets in a whole new round of bloodshed.

    • Season Three has the lowest episode count with the amount of 6 episodes.
    • The locations for this season, are Lakewood and Lakewood University, which makes it the first season to feature two locations at the same time. 
    • It's the first t…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Three months after a brutal killing spree, the Rosewood Nine try to move on from the tragedy, but the Liberators are not yet through with their crusade, taking things several steps further. This births an era of bloodshed, rage, despair and far more devastation, now with a new Liberator C.

    EMILY FIELDS (16): The main target and final girl of the Rosewood murders. Emily has moved in with Maya following the deaths of her adoptive parents. With the return of her biological family, as well as the Liberators, Emily is pushed to the limit to survive this killing spree.

    SPENCER HASTINGS (17): The secondary final girl of the Rosewood murders. Spencer has been dating Eric, helping him move on from killing adoptive brother. However, when the Liberator…

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  • Dcn1989

    Scream 3: The Final Honor was the third story of Donald Newton's original Honor Trilogy. I'm reposting this by request of my good friend, Noah.

    Plot: 10 years after the events of the first two, Nancy is now a teenager living with her older brother, Tyler, his wife Abby, who is pregnant. Aside from Andrew, who is suffering from depression, the family has moved on. But a new killer strikes.



    A single car is parked alone in the middle of an otherwise empty parking lot. Music is playing inside. The car is shaking.

    Inside the car is BRANDON and JACKIE (both 18) having sex with most of their clothes on. Jackie is on top of Brandon, sitting with her skirt open for his genitals to go under her. She is moaning o…

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