The Brandon James Mask was worn by Brandon James during the 1994 Lakewood Murders as well as by Piper Shaw and Kieran Wilcox during the 2015 and 2016 Lakewood Murders. It was a post-op surgical mask designed by doctors in order to keep Brandon's face in place. The mask is made out of hard plastic and has brown leather straps attached to it.

The mask was designed specifically for the first two seasons of the television series, Scream, by Eddie Yang, and his artistic team.





The Brandon James mask has been made into a Halloween costume in Season 2 and 2 versions of the mock-mask have been seen so far. The design and shape of the mask is similar to the actual Brandon James Post-op mask, although, the paint job makes the mask look quite different and more plastic than the real mask which looks shiny and glassy-looking.

Behind the Scenes

The mask is described by producers as a "darker, more organic mask" compared to its predecessor that evokes Jason Voorhees hockey mask, Michael Myers' mask, and the original mask worn in the films. In the latest season, fans noticed the difference of the mask shape and the appearance, it was quite indifferent to the one Piper wore.


  • 120 replicas of the mask were handed out to attendees of the Scream panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015.
  • Costumes featuring the mask and raincoat are available starting September 29, 2015. 
  • The mask was originally going to be made out of human flesh.