"The GHOST enters frame, ripping open his costume to reveal a KEVLAR bulletproof vest."
—The bulletproof vest's first appearance in the Scream 3 script.
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The Bulletproof Vest is used by certain characters in the Scream franchise to block potentially fatal bullets.

They are usually made of kevlar, a strong polymer fabric that can also stop knives and fire. 

Scream 3

Keeping true to Randy's advice that the killer in trilogies is always 'superhuman', Sidney Prescott shot at Ghostface six times with a Smith & Wesson Model 40 hammerless revolver, chambered in .38 Special. Ghostface is shot in the chest several times only to reveal himself to be alive. Ghostface ducks just in time to avoid a headshot and Sidney throws the useless weapon down, and Ghostface chases after her. Ghostface later corners her in the secret room and pulls open his cloak, revealing a kevlar bulletproof vest, telling her that she can't get past the surface of things. In a deleted scene, he tells her to never walk away from a supposedly dead psycho, because you may as well give them CPR. The killer, revealed to be Roman, shoots Sidney, but she reveals that she is wearing a bulletproof vest herself. She then stabs Roman in the heart with an ice pick, apparently mortally wounding him. However, he is revealed to be alive and attacks once again before Dewey then takes Kancid's Smith & Wesson 5906 pistol and shoots Roman many times in the chest after he tries to attack again, only for Sidney to inform him of the vest. Dewey stops shooting, steps forward and promptly shoots Roman in the head, killing him instantly. In real life, the ice pick Sidney stabbed Roman with would have bounced off of his chest due to the vest. Kevlar not only is impervious to bullets, but also fire and knives. Kevlar is designed to be five times tougher than steel so you would tire yourself out while trying to stab through it and the knife would actually dull as a result. In the film, the ice pick seems to stab Roman, but it obviously didn't as he attempts to kill Sidney once again.

Scream 4

After Judy Hicks is shot in the chest with Jill's Glock 17, she stands up and reveals herself to be alive with the help of a vest, saying "Wear a vest, save your chest!" before fainting, presumably from shock or injury from the impact.


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