Sherrie Marconi - Casey Becker: Both are first seen when the film starts. Both answer to Ghostface on the phone. Both witness their friend/boyfriend murdered.

Trudie Harrold - Steven Orth: Both are murdered in front of their friend/girlfriend. Both are stabbed once.

Rachel Milles - Maureen Evans: Maureen thinks Phil killed her while Rachel is  killed by her friend Chloe Garrett; both characters are not fond of Stab.

Cici Cooper - Marnie Cooper: Both have the same last name. Both are thrown through a glass door.

Cici Cooper - Rebecca Walters: Both are thrown off of buildings.

Tatum Riley - Hallie McDaniel: They were both Sidney's best friend.

Casey Becker - Marnie Cooper: They were both hung after they were killed.

Steven Orth - Jenny Randall: They were both bound to a chair and stabbed/gutted to death.

Billy Loomis - Derek Feldman: They were both Sidney's boyfriend.

Jill Roberts - Tatum Riley: They both had their arms slashed.

Tatum Riley - Marnie Cooper: are alike in many ways:

They both get their arms slashed.

They both think the killer is a friend of their's joking around.

They both have a short chase scene.

They both have blonde hair.

Casey Becker - Jenny Randall: Both are the principal victim from the opening scene.

Steven Orth - Marnie Cooper: Both are the first character to fall victim in their killing spree.

Sidney Prescott - Jill Roberts: Both are supposed to be the "main heroine" from their generations.

Gale Riley - Rebecca Walters: Both were intro a car after their chase scene.

Dewey Riley - Ross Hoss: Both were stabbed in the back.

Tatum Riley - Kirby Reed: Both called "Mr. Ghostface" to the killer. Both are the "feisty" best friend.

Randy Meeks - Robbie Mercer: Both are the innocent horror geeks.

Stu Macher - Charlie Walker: Both are the second killers and fans of horror movies.

Billy Loomis - Trevor Sheldon: Both are the creepy boyfriends and the principal suspect.

Maureen Prescott - Kate Roberts: Both are the mothers for the "main heroine". Both had been murdered by their own offsprings.

Casey Becker -  Casey "Cici" Cooper: Both have the same name. Both are blonde. Cici's murder was a duplicate to Casey's murder. Both are chased briefly by Ghostface.

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