Deputy Stevens was a minor character in the televison adaptation series, Scream. He is portrayed by Hunter Burke.


Deputy Stevens is a police officer, who works with the current sheriff of Lakewood, Miguel Acosta at the Lakewood Police Department.


Deputy Stevens is driving Emma Duval and Audrey Jensen to the police station, arresting them for the murder of Mayor Maddox. Audrey protests that they didn't do it, but Stevens ignores them. Emma then shouts that there is a man (Ghostface) on the road. To avoid hitting Ghostface, Stevens swerves his cruiser out of the way, crashing the car into a pole. However, Stevens survives the crash using an emergency airbag.

Dazed and bleeding, Stevens exits the car. Suddenly, Ghostface runs up to him and stabs Deputy Stevens in the stomach. Deputy Stevens grabs his handgun and fires it twice as Ghostface grips his wrist.

Ghostface twists Deputy Stevens' arm and shoves him into the window of the patrol car. Ghostface strikes his hunting knife into Deputy Stevens, penetrating him in the side, stabbing his ribcage. With Deputy Stevens screaming in pain, The Killer continues brutally stabbing him multiple times in the back as he slumps to the ground, dead.

Appearances (2/24)

Season 2 (2/14)


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