Dewey-Gale Relationship
General Information
Level: Married
Started Dating: Scream 3
Dating Status: Scream 3
The Dewey and Gale Relationship is the relationship between Dewey Riley and Gale Riley, which began in Scream.


The relationship between Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers has always been a prominent part of the Scream series. From the first time their eyes met to the first blossoming of their relationship, Dewey and Gale were two characters that were truly destined to fall in love and get married, which they did at the end of Scream 3 . However, following the release of Scream 4, the relationship between Dewey and Gale was once again a main attraction; only this time, it was displayed in a completely different, in fact, a more realistic way. Dewey and Gale are currently “on the rocks” in their relationship after nearly a decade of marriage. Dewey is now the Sheriff of Woodsboro for his role in stopping Ghostface on a number of occasions, whereas Gale has retired from reporting and is now a struggling author, who is struggling with boredom and married life. She is always alone, because Dewey is always working and she is suffering from major writer’s block. When Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro, Gale returns to her roots as a reporter, only this time for herself rather than for a company, which Dewey is not in favor of.

A new woman named Judy Hicks in the office is trying to make a move on Dewey, which results in frequent altercations between Gale and her. However, Dewey is constantly on Judy's side and the last time he actually speaks to Gale in the movie, she is stabbed by Ghostface. Apparently dead, Dewey begins to regret not paying attention to his wife, until it is then revealed she is in stable condition in hospital. Dewey, Gale and Sid as the original cast are the three sole surviving characters at the end of the movie.

The relationship between Dewey and Gale is much more realistic this time around. The film allows the characters to explore themes or turmoil and tragedy, heartache and regret and the ever so common theme of having to pick work over family in order to pay the bills. The film also explores the theme of jealousy and potential cheating also, two things which are common sights in relationships. Of course, when everything blows over, Dewey and Gail, turmoil aside, are much more in love than ever, with both of them realizing that they made some mistakes.

Needless to say, the relationship between Dewey and Gale is once again an important storyline, but, this time, it is much more realistic and important than ever. The themes explored are some of the most in depth that their relationship has seen and arguably some of the most in depth in the Scream series ever. Viewers should pay attention to the relationship between Dewey and Gale for a very realistic, almost awe inspiring portrayal of love. Viewers should expect nothing less than a masterpiece performance from both Courteney Cox and David Arquette, who themselves enjoyed over a decade of marriage in real life.


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