PDVD 001

Steve is disemboweled.

referred as evisceration and gutting in the Scream films, is the act of removing the intestines, or guts, from the abdomen. One of Ghostface's preferred killing methods is gutting, as the series starts off with him gutting both Casey Becker and Steven Orth in Scream.

Acts of disembowelment


Casey Becker and Steven Orth are both gutted. Steve having his intestines removed while tied to a chair and Casey being gutted then hung from a tree.

Principal Arthur Himbry was gutted after being stabbed in the chest and stomach. His body was later hung up to the goal post at the Woodsboro High School football field. This served as a distraction for the remainder of the teens to leave Stu Macher 's party.

Scream 4

Olivia gutted closeup

A close-up of a disemboweled Olivia.

In the alternate opening, Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper are both gutted. A scene shows Ghostface brutally stabbing Jenny in the stomach six times and killing her. Marnie's arm is slit and she is stabbed once in the stomach then presumably the chest. Jenny's bloodied body is tied to a chair with a gutted stomach like Steven Orth. Marnie's body is also gutted and hung from a ceiling fan similar to Casey Becker.

Olivia Morris was gutted after being stabbed nine times (once in right chest, stabbing through/ripping apart left hand, once in the back, six times in the stomach). When Sidney finds her corpse, Olivia's intestines are shown sprawled out on her bed in a neat pile beside her.