Though many consider the chief of Sunrise Studios to have been born with Hollywood in his blood, Mr.Crosby actually grew up on the rolling hills of Marin County in Northern California. Even more surprising, Mr.Crosby initially dreamed of becoming a banker, and even studied business at the University of California, Los Angeles. However, his fate changed when he met Don Gordon in 1959, and the rest is history. Mr.Crosby's talents as a businessman contributed to the success of the duo's first film, It Walked From The Waves, and to the eventual creation of the studio we now know as Sunrise. As a young man, Mr.Crosby's savvy fundraising skills and inventive production methods allowed the prolific studios to create an average of fifteen films per year. Today, Don Crosby is one of the most respected men in Hollywood as the founder and president of the industry's most profitable studio. Mr.Crosby's future goals include winning an Academy Award and spending more time with his three beautiful grandchildren at his Marin County ranch, Blackies Place.

Don Crosby is portrayed by Roger Corman in Scream 3.

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