Floyd Malone, Senior V.P., Production

Floyd got his start as a young screenwriter after a brief stint at USC, where he majored in zoology. While working as a freelance script reader at Paramount, his first script, about a demented zookeeper, was optioned by Don Gordon. Subsequently, the Two Dons hired him to write The Creature With Seven Arms and Where Are You, Doc Holiday? In 1962, he married Sunrise starlet Danielle Rangler and Floyd went on to scribe several more screenplays for various studios. With three handsome sons to feed, Floyd later put down the pen and focused efforts on producing as a development executive at Universal. In 1973, he rejoined the Two Dons as Vice President of Production and went on to greenlight such hits as Deathworld, Don't Go Downstairs Again, and the cult classic Bloodthirsty Vampires From Deep Outer Space.

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