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The Fourth Survivor is a tradition in all four Scream movies but sometimes goes unnoticed since the stars of the movies are Sidney Prescott, Dewey Riley, and Gale Weathers. The fourth survivor traditionally is a new character introduced to us as somebody close to the stars, usually a suspect, but turns out to either be a distraction or the secondary hero of the movie aside from the main trio. Sadly, the fourth survivor by tradition will either die or be absent in the sequel, thereby, introducing a new character to take over this role.

Fourth Survivors

Survivor Survived Sequel Fate Note
Randy Meeks Scream Killed in Scream 2 Appeared in Scream 3 post death via video tape message.
Cotton Weary Scream 2 Killed in opening of Scream 3 Appeared in Scream but only through a news footage. He is the only survivor who is already known to the viewers prior to his major role.
Mark Kincaid Scream 3 Absent in Scream 4 As of Scream 4, Kincaid is the only survivor to have not died in the sequel for he was absent in Scream 4 after Surviving Scream 3.
Judy Hicks Scream 4 N/A Because there may not be Scream 5, her sequel fate may never be known.


Neil Prescott is the only fifth survivor of the series. But his role was very small and not a major character within the series that his survival may go unnoticed.

If Season 2 of the TV show ends similar to it's previous season, the fourth survivor may continue on in the show. But in Season 1 ended with, aside from EmmaAudrey, Maggie, Noah, BrookeJake, and Kieran all surviving. Noah and Brooke are seen as the fan favorite characters. Many fans have expressed their wish for those two to survive the most aside from Emma. Should the show's boss respect the fans's wishes, Emma, Noah, and Brooke would be the show's Sidney, Dewey, and Gale, the required trio survivors. If the other survivors of Season 1 do not survive, it's possible a new character in Season 2 could follow the tradition as the fourth survivor.

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