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Gale Red

Gale Riley

She is introduced in Scream as an obnoxious and ambitous tabloid reporter who will go to great lengths to get a good story. Throughtout the series, Gale is characterized as a bitch, but in the middle of Scream 2, she slowly reveals a compassionaite and sensitve side upon the Ghostface Murders and her former enemy Sidney.  In Scream 3, Gale is still seen as obnoxious, bitchy, and ambitious but has toned down her devious ways a bit. She, along with Sidney and Dewey, are the main survivors of Ghostface Massacre. In scream 4, She is married to Dewey Riley and seems to be on good terms with the much stronger Sidney Prescott. She nearly falls victim to the Ghostface Slasher after being stabbed in the shoulder but survived her wounds.

The best things about Gale

1.)  She is always looks sharp, even when she looking for a good story.

2.) Bitchy and sarcastic, she is one of the funniest characters in the franchise.

3.) At first, she was heartless over plastering Sidney's murdered mother in her book, but later on in the series, she slowly becomes more sensitive of how Sidney feels emotionally.

4.) Tough and bold, she held Billy Loomis, one of the killers, in Scream, at gunpoint and threathened to kill him in order to get a good story.

5.) Despite her early on rivlary with Sidney, Sidney hated Gale for the most part.  However, by Scream 3, Sidney seemed to get over her hatred for gale and become somewhat friendly allies with one another.

6.)  She is one of the main surivivors of the Ghostface Killing Spree.

7.) Fought the Ghostface Killer in Scream 4 and managed to survive her stab wound to the shoulder.

8.)  Driven to get a good story,  she went rogue and diguised herself as Ghostface to investigate the Remake Woodboro Murders among the new generation.

9.)  She is almost as much of a formidable fighter as Sidney.

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