Gina McLane
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color: Blue
Marital Status: Dating Audrey Jensen
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Occupation(s): Manager at the Zenith Theater
Nickname: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Romances: Audrey Jensen
Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Friends: Audrey Jensen
Brooke Maddox
Gustavo Acosta
Noah Foster
Emma Duval
Enemies: Tom Martin (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Horror Movie Memorabilia
Education: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Secret(s): Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance: Halloween
Latest Appearance: Halloween II
Last Appearance: Unknown
Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Zena Grey

Gina McLane is a character featured on the special episodes of the second season of Scream. She is portrayed by Zena Grey.


She is Audrey's new girlfriend. At the beginning, Gina was jealous of Emma, because her last girlfriend cheated on her, and she believed Audrey would leave her for Emma. However when Emma saves her from Tom Martin, and then Audrey explains to her that Emma is her friend and an important part of her life, but still wants to be with her, Gina is happy. As a result, she changes her mind about Emma and accepts to stay with Audrey.



  • It was revealed in Halloween that she was the girlfriend of Audrey Jensen.
  • She is the manager of the Zenith Theater
  • She likes horror movies and horror movie memorabilia.
  • She is the only new character in the Halloween special that survived.