Gwen Moran, Human Resources

Gwen comes to Sunrise with a wonderful "people oriented" background. A graduate of Lehigh University, Gwen went to work for the basketball program at University of Arizona. There, she tutored players and handled their day-to-day schedules. She went on to marry Wildcat point guard and future NBA all-star Sly Trabar. When he moved to the NBA, she took on the role of his agent. After two years as the league's only female agent, Gwen was forced to leave the NBA in a could of controversy involving Trabar's suspended jail sentence for the money laundering charges against alleged drug dealer Alvin "Little Man" King.

In 1985, Moran went to work for the Pittsburgh based Flash Cochran Cutlery Company as the head of personnel. After nine fulfilling years at the knife company, Gwen took her current job with the studio.

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