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I Peel Off Your Skin
Directed by Charlie Sadoff
Produced by Don Crosby
Don Gordon
Charlie Sadoff
Written by Charlie Sadoff
Music by
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 1978
Running time 100 Minutes
Gross revenue
Preceded by
Followed by

One of the most horrifying and shocking films of all time, I Peel Off Your Skin explores our deepest dear: being skinned alive. Teddy Hooker plays "The Peeler," a psycho who determined to prove to the world beauty is skin deep.


  • Teddy Hooker as The Peeler
  • Scott Griffin as Jason Conti
  • Libby Richmond as Daphne
  • Damon Croshere as Phillip
  • Clair Bardon as Mimi


Executive Producers:


  • Charlie Sadoff


  • Charlie Sadoff


  • Charlie Sadoff

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