James Kern, Studio Operations

At twenty-nine, James is one of the youngest people ever to run the day-to-day operations of a major studio. He comes to us by-way of Middlebury College, where he graduated Magna-Cum-Laude and starred on the schools nationally ranked ultimate frisbee team. After a year racing off-road vehicles, he turned to the film industry. James produced over thirsty music videos and industrials for the LA based Urbanos Milagros Productions. In 1996, he took a job with Dick Clark Productions and was soon at the helm of the day-to-day production. In 1998, he accepted an offer to join the Sunrise family in his current capacity. James still keeps his hand in the music business as he has just Executive Produced an album by urban artist Shoshoni entitled Ghost Dance. Look for it at your local record store.

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