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Casey makes Jiffy Pop for her movie in Scream.

Jiffy Pop is a popular brand of popcorn that you make yourself, similar to how they used to do it.


It is made of an aluminum tin filled with corn seeds. You take off the label and put it on your stove, moving it around. The heat then cooks the popcorn and the specialized cover rises to catch the popcorn. After all the popcorn is cooked, you rip open the cover and eat it. Jiffy Pop serves as both a bowl and a cooking dish.


Casey Becker is seen cooking popcorn with Jiffy Pop during the infamous opening scene of Scream preparing to watch a scary movie with her boyfriend, Steven Orth, only to be attacked by Ghostface. The popcorn represents the escalating intensity of the scene: normal to out of control. By the time Casey's parents get home, the popcorn is burning and needs to be put in the sink.

This was parodied in Scary Movie, where the popcorn grows to comical amounts the longer it is on the stove. To commemorate the release of the film, the company made custom Scream-themed popcorn containers, which are collected by fans of the film. Jiffy Pop became very famous as a result of the scene, and it is still sold today.


  • Scream
  • Scary Movie

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