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Jill: "Friends? What world are you living in? I don't need friends. I need fans. You had your 15 minutes of fame. Now I want mine!"
— Jill yelling to Sidney after killing her accomplice Charlie.

This is a fan page for the main antagonist of Scream 4, Jill Roberts, who is a twisted and fearsome sociopath.

The best things about Jill

  • Second female as well as the first teenage female Ghostface killer.
  • Jill has one of the most surprising revelations of all the killers, no one would ever expect, a supposedly innocent and sweet looking girl like her was capable of murder. Especially since she was supposed to be the Sidney of Scream 4. 
  • Extremely selflish, ruthless and merciless.
  • Jill had the second most complex plan of all the killers, because it was all based on timing and a couple of the murders were committed right underneath the police's noses.

    Jill killing Charlie.

  • Jill is a very tough and brutal killer. She stabbed herself, ran into a wall, threw herself on a glass table and got shocked in the head. However she was not impervious to bullets after her cousin shot her in the chest. The only killers tougher than Jill were Mickey and Roman.
  • Taunted Sidney over the phone more than any other killer.
  • First Ghostface to wound herself before the climax.
  • Jill kills her own mother, she shows little regret for this.
  • After Billy Loomis and Roman Bridger, she is the third Ghostface to hurt Sidney both physically and psychologically.
  • ImagesCAZ409S3

    Jill kills Jenny

    Second Ghostface to betray her own accomplice, first being Mrs. Loomis. The difference is that she actually succeeded in killing her accomplice while Mrs. Loomis did not.
  • Jill is one of the only Ghostfaces who came really close to achieving her goals. She also was the killer, who came second closest to killing Sidney Prescott, after her brother Roman, who almost strangled her.
  • She is the first main Ghostface killer not to be shot in the head.
  • First Ghostface to be shot in the heart.
    Scream 4 knife kill2-560x280

    Jill attacking her cousin and mother.

  • Jill killed two cops alone.
  • Able to stab someone in the forehead.
  • Second Ghostface to be electrocuted (after Stu Macher, however Jill's electrocution was non-fatal)
  • Teenage girls are very well known for being extremely jealous and catty. It does make sense that Jill would be hungry enough for fame to murder people, especially when you take into account her sociopathy and the fact that Trevor cheated on her, which would explain her hostility to Jenny Randall.
  •  An amateur psychological diagnosis of Jill identifies her as a sociopath, someone who is unable to feel normal emotions. Jill also most likely has  Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is the need to manipulate people and violate their rights. She may also have Borderline Personality Disorder. 
    Images (1)

    Jill explaining her motive to Sidney.

  • Jill also is most likely a pathological liar, making her a minimal catalog of mental illness. Charlie was also mentally disturbed although it is more likely that he did it out of a need for acceptance.
  • Threw Sidney into a glass cabinet and beat Dewey into unconsiousness. 
  • Had she not made mistakes in the hospital, she could have gotten away with it. 
  • A charming and beautiful sociopath, which she used to her advantage to make her seem unlikely as the killer.
  • Is the only Ghostface that might actually have survived, though the chance is very small.
  • Most unlikable Ghostface killer. Other Ghostfaces were at least charismatic or sympathetic, Jill's selfishness makes her incapable of being sympathized for. 
  • Killed at least six people: Jenny Randall, Ross Hoss, Anthony Perkins, her mother Kate Roberts, Trevor Sheldon and her accomplice Charlie Walker. Jill mostlikely killed Rebecca Walters, because she was at the hospital at the time, but she is not seen, so she could have still been getting her arm looked at, meaning Charlie could have also killed Rebecca. If Jill did kill Rebecca, then she killed seven people, the second highest kill count of any Ghostface (behind Roman Bridger). 

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