Considered by many in her hometown of Novato, California as the "girl next door," Kathy surprised everyone when she dropped out of East Novato High School and went to Los Angeles in search of a break. She was discovered by Paramount Executive Ray Dillon when she worked as an entertainer for Lou Silvan's Hollywood Dance Company. Dillon introduced her to Don Gordon and she went to work for Sunrise in a number of capacities at sixteen. Too appealing for the Two Dons to ignore, Kathy was soon thrilling audiences nationwide with her edgy roles in the studio's biker films. Ms. Kingsley went on to tantalize fans in several other hits and she was soon a cult idol for teenage boys everywhere. Today, Kathy manages a very-successful stunt team, owns a chain of bikini car washes and maintains her fan club of over 100,000 members.

She had her son Harlan Kingsley with Don Crosby

Acting Credits

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