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Kirby: "Halloween, uh, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, Amityville Horror, uh, Last House on the Left, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, My Bloody Valentine, When A Stranger Calls, Prom Night, Black Christmas, House of Wax, The Fog, Piranha. It's one of those, right? Right?"
— Kirby answering Ghostface's question.

Kirby Reed is introduced as one of the main protagonists and new younger characters in horror film Scream 4.

Since the film's release, she has become immensely popular with fans.


During the course of the entire film, Kirby is described as a cute, witty, sweet, sassy, outgoing,  carefree but a sensitive, laidback, strong and intelligent popular schoolgirl, bit of a tomboy with a passion for horror films.

Despite acting carefree and slightly bitchy, She is a very loyal and faithful friend and shows a strong caring side towards her best friend Jill Roberts, especially after the death of Olivia Morris. She is also very witty, sensitive and intelligent, which could be seen on her reactions during the Ghostface attack in her house.

Similarities to Other Scream Characters

  • She shows similairities to Tatum Riley , because of her friendship with Jill Roberts, who is her best friend and the "remake version of Sidney Prescott", but also her wild party girl and carefree attitude. She displays a strong sarcastic sense of humor and slightly bitchy.
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    Kirby and Jill

  • Some fans believe Kirby is a female version of the now-deceased film nerd Randy Meeks, because both of them have a passion for horror films.
  • She seems to be based on Sidney Prescott herself. Examples of this are when she was about to go outside to investigate a noise, much like Sidney did earlier when she heard the sound of windchimes, and when she and Sidney locked themselves in her basement to hide from Ghostface. This is what Sidney did in the first film when she locked herself in her bedroom when Ghostface attacked her at her house.

Why she's unique

  • Kirby has a strong sarcastic sense of dark humor and slightly bitchy, but is caring and protective towards her friends at the same time. 

    Kirby on the phone with the killer

  • When the Ghostface killer begins a new massacre upon Woodsboro, Kirby becomes terrified of being the next victim.
  • Despite being a supporting character, Kirby slowly becomes the breakout character in the film, as she is pursued by the obsessive horror film fanatic Charlie Walker
  • When Ghostface crashes her house party, Kirby is forced to play the game in order to save Charlie's life. Shocking, Kirby is still sober and is able to recite all the horror movie remakes and runs outside in the back porch to save her admirer.

Unknown fate

Unfornately, Kirby falls victim to Charlie's manipulation, where he brutally stabs her twice in the stomach area and leaves her for dead due to not returning his affections sooner.

Although Kirby is shown on-screen after this, we are left hints that Kirby is still alive, but other fans believe she is dead. Kirby being alive does make sense because Sidney was stabbed twice in the stomach and survived. Another factor on Kirby's behalf is the fact Charlie clearly was reluctant to kill her. When we last saw her, Ki
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Kirby's last appearance.

rby was seriously wounded but still alive.

If Scream 5 is produced, Kirby's fate shall be revealed.