Knife Of The Hunter

Knife of the Hunter is a book by Gale Weathers


This 8 ½” x 5 ½” Scream 4 prop paperback novel was made to be placed in the bargain book shelves outside of the Woodsboro bookstore where Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) comes to promote her self-help autobiography, Out of Darkness: A True Story of Survival . The actual pages that fill this prop book are from Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

The latest in a long line of books surrounding the Ghostface Killers, Knife of the Hunter, like all of Gale’s other best-sellers, was adapted into a Stab film, Stab 7. (The knife image on the novel’s cover can also be seen on the side of the Stab DVD box set in Kirby’s house near the end of Scream 4.) Gale’s first three books (The Woodsboro Murders, College Terror, and Hollywood Horror) are based on true stories that follow the events of Scream 1-3. In the ten years since Scream 3, no other Ghostface incidents have occurred for her to report on, and in addition to that, Sidney has threatened to sue over the rights to her story, which forced Gale to then turn to writing a series of fictional novels (Knife of Doom, Clock of Doom, Ghostface Returns, and Knife of the Hunter) to captivate a blood-thirsty audience hungry for more. Now struggling with a serious case of writer’s block, it doesn’t help Gale’s confidence any to see Sidney’s authorial debut making waves in the publishing world, further pushing her out of the spotlight. When new Ghostface murders suddenly begin hitting the town of Woodsboro again, Gale sets out to investigate in the hopes of scaring up some juicy inspiration that’ll put her back on top.

Gale's Other Books

These are all of Gale's known books. Some are mostlikely fictitious and made to exploit the murders. If you look at the screen used props, all of the descriptions on the back have the same text. 

  • Ghostface Returns (seen in bookstore; fictional)
  • Knife of Doom (seen in bookstore; fictional)
  • The Woodsboro Murders; Scream
  • College Terror; Scream 2
  • Hollywood Horror; Scream 3
  • Clock of Doom (seen in bookstore; fictional)

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