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Lethal Passion
Directed by Lucas Rubban
Produced by Don Crosby
Don Gordon
Red Chaffey
Written by Lee Chapin
Music by
Distributed by Sunrise Studios
Release date(s) 1993
Running time 102 Minutes
Gross revenue
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A city official is entangled in a web of deceit and murder when his taste for the illicit takes him into the back alleys of his hometown. Can a stripper save him, and his career, from the vices that promise to wreck him?


  • Keir Sylvester as John Christopher
  • Tina Brand as Exotic Dancer
  • Linday Tasker-Lodan as Candy
  • Gary Richter as Albert Rain
  • Art Tracer as Arnie Ironside


Executive Producers:


  • Red Chaffey


  • Lucas Rubban


  • Lee Chapin

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