Lorraine Brock
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Late 30's/Early 40's
Hair Color Black
Eye Color: Brown
Marital Status: Single
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Occupation(s): Detective
Nickname: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Romances: Clark Hudson (former partner/lover) (Deceased)
Friends: Quinn Maddox (Deceased)

Clark Hudson (Deceased)

Enemies: Ghostface (Deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Secret(s): Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance: Exposed
Latest Appearance: Betrayed
Last Appearance: -
Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Sophina Brown

Detective Lorraine Brock is a minor character in the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Sophina Brown.


Brought to Lakewood to investigate the work of a new serial killer, Detective Brock's disposition may appear maternal, and comforting but underneath she is driven, feisty, and also callous when it comes to her interaction with her former partner, and ex-lover, Clark Hudson, and Maggie Duvall.

Appearances (2/24)

Season 1 (2/10)


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