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Mrs. Becker


Portrayed by Carla Hatley
Location Woodsboro
Family Mr. Becker

Casey Becker (Deceased)

Status Alive


Mrs. Becker is wife of Mr. Becker and mother of Casey Becker.


She and Mr. Becker came home from a evening out. She and Mr. Becker entered into their house. A chair from the patio has been thrown through the glass door. They immediately panicked and searched for Casey. Mr. Becker told her to call 911, but was unable due to Casey was on the phone. They heard noises from the phone with Casey's faint voice calling for her mother Casey Becker . Both parents were anxious and scared. Her husband told her to drive to their neighbors' home the Mackenzie's. She hesitates out of the house sobbing and saying to him, "Not my daughter..." She walks out of the front door to see Casey's dead body hanging from a tree and screams in true horror. Her husband rushes to her side to find out the commotion. She continues to scream in horror as he notices Casey and looks in horror at his daughter's dead body.


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