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"Come on, you don't need her, let me kill her! Then, you're all that's left, you're the star! She sent you to prison for a year!! Personally, I think that's quite poetic."
—Debbie Loomis to Cotton Weary.

This is a fan page for Mrs. Debbie Loomis, the main antagonist of Scream 2!

There are about 50 things about Debbie's efficiency, half as much as Roman. 

The best things about Debbie

  • Mrs. Loomis almost never blinks.
  • When Sidney reminds her that she abandoned her child, she shows obvious regret for this decision.
  • Only Ghostface killer to use an alias; Debbie Salt. It is most likely that her real name is Debbie.
  • Debbie Loomis is probably the most sane of all the Ghostface killers in the series. She has the most reasonable motive, wanting to avenge her child's death. She also killed only a few people. However, despite having the only rational motive in the series, Debbie is clearly psychotic.
  • Body count: three. Killed: Phil Stevens, CiCi Cooper and Randy Meeks. Attacked Dewey, mortally wounded Mickey Altieri and attempted to murder Sidney Prescott on a few occasions, and nearly succeeded, had Cotton Weary not intervened. Most likely was going to murder Gale Weathers next for her part in Billy's demise. This is especially logical because Ghostface viciously went after Gale in that scene. 
  • Let Mickey do most of the murders, as he was the true serial killer and wanted fame. The times it's Mrs. Loomis under the costume is Phil's murder (only possible if two killers are involved like in the first film, Mickey killed Maureen while Debbie was hiding the body in the bathroom), CiCi's murder (a female grunt can be heard after Ghostface is attacked by CiCi), Sidney's attack at the house, Randy's murder, and Gale and Dewey's attack.
  • She clearly woudn't kill Maureen because her plan revolved around her not getting caught. Mickey is more impulsive and wanted to get caught so he would kill someone in a crowded theater. Mrs. Loomis is too careful for this. Also Maureen would have known that it wasn't her boyfriend under her coat if it was Mrs. Loomis. Mickey has a man's build, so she didn't notice it wasn't Phil. 
  • In the original script, Debbie was thrown in as one of the three killers, amongst Derek, Hallie, and herself. She also willingly admitted to her insanity wheras in the final cut, she vehemently denied being mentally ill. She also denied that family dilemmas had an effect on the murders, whereas in the original cut, she claims that all of the murders go back to Maureen, not her abandonment of her son.  
  • First Ghostface to wipe her fingerprints off of evidence.
  • First Ghostface to betray her accomplice.
  • Only Ghostface to make her accomplice look like he acted alone.
  • First Ghostface to attempt to frame her accomplice.
  • Has the lowest body count of any Ghostface.
  • Only Ghostface to always be obviously around and act annoying to avoid suspicion, although it could be argued that Roman Bridger used a similar strategy, albeit in a less obvious way. Debbie was always in the background of several scenes and constantly drew attention to herself by pretending to do reporting. It can be argued that Debbie did this to divert suspicion from herself, as she was working at the scene of the murder, not trying to flee it. Also, her larger than life annoying personality helped to divert suspicion, and she never made a big enough impact on anyone to be registered as a suspect. In a way, Debbie's strategy was almost perfect. 
  • Posed as a journalist for a local paper, the "Post Telegraph". This cover is unassuming and it is possible she actually is a journalist. Debbie was described as "a flashy woman - all hair and teeth, thick sunglasses" in the original script. The character became more unassuming in the final version. Her cover story changed from being a Newsweek reporter to working for a local paper.
  • Survived getting hit by concrete blocks.
  • Only Ghostface mentioned in previous film.
  • So blind with rage during her murders that she attacked her victims incredibly viciously, which often led to her tripping over objects and blindly swinging her knife in a desparate attempt to kill her targets. 
  • Pretended to idolize Gale Weathers to annoy her and divert suspicion. 
  • Only Ghostface to use Sidney as a human shield.
  • Primary targets were Gale and Sidney, both of whom killed her son. 
  • Only Ghostface to be shot in the throat, which killed her. 
  • Slashed Derek's arm in just the right place rather than killing him so he could be a suspect.
  • Only Ghostface to attempt to get another person to allow her to kill Sidney.
  • Only Ghostface to be shot twice after her death, just in case she was still alive. 
  • Stabbed Dewey in the back (for the second time). Didn't check to see if he was dead because she was obsessed with killing Gale. It is likely that, out of the times Dewey has been attacked by Ghostface, Mrs. Loomis came the closest to actually killing him.
    Screambox shot21l

    Mrs. Loomis as Ghostface, stabbing and nearly killing Dewey in front of Gale.

  • First Ghostface to talk to Sidney with the voice changer in the costume without being on the phone.
  • One of three killers who got closest to achieving her goal, along with Roman and Jill.
  • The play seen earlier in the film features Clytemnestra killing Agamemnon for sacrificing their daughter and having an affair, and Orestes, their son, seeks revenge for his father's death and mother's affair by killing Clytemnestra, his mother. In this movie, Mrs. Loomis is seeking revenge from Sidney for the death of her son, who killed Sidney's mother for having an affair with his father. The climax of this film about familial murder and revenge plays out on the set of the play about familial murder and revenge.
  • Attempted to stab Sidney so hard that her knife went clean through a thick wooden door.
  • Only Ghostface seeking revenge for the murder of her son. Other Ghostface killers seek revenge, but not for murder.
  • Only killer to be killed by Cotton Weary.
  • Only Ghostface killer to be a parent.
  • Killed Randy Meeks.
  • First female Ghostface.
  • First Ghostface to kill one of her victims in public, during broad daylight.
  • First copycat Ghostface (Along with Mickey).
  • In an early script, her name was Nancy Loomis. This is a reference to Nancy Stephens, who portrayed Nurse Marion in Halloween. This makes sense because her last name, Loomis, is also a Halloween reference. In Halloween, Loomis and Marion rode together in a car.
  • Somewhat of a skilled marksman with a Glock 17 pistol. 
  • Only Ghostface provide guidance and tuition expenses for her accomplice.
  • Great casting. Looked like she could be Billy's biological mother. 
  • Building off that, extra point just for being played by the great Laurie Metcalf! Score! 
  • By tracing everything back to Mickey, it allows for her to be completely off the hook. She mentions that even if the cops did go hunting down the possible killer, they would be going after the "reporter" seen at the college, but "Debbie Salt" is not a real person. One could argue that Mrs. Loomis would drop into quiet anonyminity once her murder spree was finished and quickly change her appearance so as to not be recognized again if the police did go looking for her. After all, if she did make herself over once before, surely she could do it again. 
  • If you notice in Randy's death scene, Debbie is stabbing him lefthandedly. This image is mirrored in the van side mirror, so she is obviously stabbing him with her left hand. Mickey is left-handed, Debbie is right-handed. This is further proof that she is tracing everything back to Mickey, even something as trivial as to the hand used to stab victims, which is noticed in an autopsy. You can see she has less control over her left arm. In every scene Ghostface is in, he is right handed, which contributes to Debbie's lack of accuracy with stabs.
  • In every scene where Ghostface attacks someone, he is left handed. Mrs. Loomis is obviously right-handed, so she was using her left hand to further implicate Mickey in case anyone saw.
  • So obsessed with revenge that she went so far as to undergo a complete makeover, having the discipline to lose over sixty pounds and cutting her hair. Not even Gale recognized her.
  • Speaking of which... Mrs. Loomis took a gamble picking Gale to annoy and follow for most of the film. Mrs. Loomis would have known that Gale would have mostlikely seen pictures of her for her book research. Mrs. Loomis probably did this for fun and also extending the time with Gale so she would be even more shocked and terrified when she revealed herself as Billy's mother, preparing to kill Gale for murdering her son with Sidney. 
    Debbie dead

    Debbie's corpse.

  • Only Ghostface to be recognized by Sidney despite not being seen by her earlier.
  • Only killer directly related to another Ghostface. Technically Jill Roberts was Roman Bridger's half-cousin, but that's hardly a direct relation.
  • Only killer who Sidney recognized without having seen earlier in the film.
  • Debbie's motives match that of Pamela Voorhees', from the original "Friday the 13th". Pamela was mentioned by both Ghostface in Scream and Randy in Scream 2. She is entirely based off of this character.

If Debbie Lived

Debbie Reveals Herself

Mrs. Loomis reveals herself.

If Mrs. Loomis survived the events of Scream 2, Sidney, Gale, Mickey, and likely Cotton would be dead, leaving Dewey as the only survivor of the killing spree unless Mrs. Loomis decided to return to his body and finish him off. She did not have time to make sure he was dead earlier because she was too busy trying to kill Gale and later fleeing, ditching the costume and making a phone call in time for Gale to run into her. It is unknown whether or not she intended to let Cotton live or not, but it is more likely that she would have enticed him to let her kill Sidney with promises of fame and fortune before getting the other gun and shooting Cotton, killing him to ensure that she could never be tracked down as the true Ghostface killer. She would have made sure that everything was traceable back to Mickey, making sure that her fingerprints were wiped off all of the evidence and then split town. Even if the police did try to search for her, Mrs. Loomis wouldn't be identified because her clever use of an alias would confuse the police and get them searching for someone who couldn't possibly exist. Debbie would be the only Ghostface to get away with her plan because she would stay out of the limelight, something no other killer intended to do, which would eventually lead to them "slipping", as Sidney says. Mrs. Loomis was the only Ghostface killing for pure revenge and not to gain any type of fame from the murders, so she would have simply slipped away and remained untraceable.

In a way, Debbie's plan was the most efficient of them all because even Roman, who had by far the most complex and intelligent plan intended to get fame he never had from the murders, what he thought he was entitled to. He would have most certainly been discovered after being greedy with this fame. Mrs. Loomis just intended to slip right through the hands of the police and never be seen again. This plan is ingenious, espescially when you consider her alias, which she fabricated to ensure that nobody would be able to track her down. 

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