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Thats the link to the first episode & the character biographies.

More Masks, More Tasks is the second chapter of my version of the third season of Scream The Tv Series.

More Masks, More Tasks

Previously on Scream: The Events from the previous episode play.

The episode starts with Sheriff Acosta, Sheriff Maggie & New Sherrif Benjamin

Acosta: Eh, what a way to start the job Benjamin & Maggie.

Benjamin: Is the body identified?

Maggie: Yep, Gary Crosby, 28 Year Old Journalist.

Acosta: We found a pair of handcuffed chains and this phone call

They listen to the phone call and hear everything

Maggie: Oh no, it's back, no this can't be happening. It's Brandon I'm sure of it.

Benjamin: How are you sure, you dont know them things, yeah he is the obvious suspect but it could be anyone.

Miguel: There's motive there so before more people start dying we need to track Brandon down once and for for all. Stat.

The Lakewood Five arrive to see the Sherrif's.

Emma: Mom, what's going on.

Maggie: Emma, I'm not gonna lie to you, it's happening again. Theres another killer. That journalist Gary died. Bruthally.

Emma: No.No.No

Emma starts going on a rant.


Maggie: Calm down honey. Brooke take her home please.

The gang are in utter shock, they are in the car and Emma gets a call.

Ghostface: Hello Emma, Im back, Did you miss me?

Emma: What do you want from me?

Ghostface: Well you know what Emma, not everything is about you all the time! Yes I will be gutting your insides , but your not the reason behind it anymore. Watch this space.

The gang arrive back at Emma's and A pair of hot blondes who they know of walk up to them

Naomi: Hey guys, I'm in your class, we never talk I'm Naomi by the way but I'm just wondering, what happened up at that office? That's Paisley by the way.

Paisley: Hey Besties. OMG someone died, which colour, brunette is totally in right now

Audrey: *mutters* wow

Brooke: This journalist that we were meant to be getting interview by got crushed by a psychopatic monster who's back for more killings and to ruin our childhood.

Naomi: Oh wow! That is awful. I may be the school bitch but I do care for people and I know what you guys went through and if you ever need to talk I'm here for you guys. We should talk more.

Noah: Totally

Naomi: I just thought, you can't live like this in fear. We should all go out the seven of us out to that new 'Glow In The Dark Mini Golf' place it looks fun and it could get your mind off this mess? You guys in?

Stavo: We in?

Emma: Sure, 7?

Naomi: 7's perfect

Paisley: See you later besties. Glow in the dark mini dolphins I can't wait.

Naomi: Yeah totally, come on let's go

Naomi & Paisley link arms and walk off smiling.

Next scene shows the gang in Emma's bedroom talking about their new friends.

Noah: Hey that Paisley girl seems pretty cool.

Emma: They both do.

Audrey: Yeah but I own tubs of hair gel with more brains then that kid.

Brooke: Girls, wanna get ready at my place

Emma: Sure.

Brooke: Bye bye boys.

They leave and Brooke gives Stavo a kiss on the way out.

The Gang arrive at the mini golf course...They all hug and say 'hey'

Paisley: Where are the Dolphins?

Naomi: You get them at the end Paisley!

Paisley: YAYY!

Noah laughs...They both glance at each other for a few seconds

Audrey: Well we better get going.

Naomi: Sure, come on.

Naomi gets a call from an unknown number

GhostFace: Ah here we have Naomi, looks like I have new blood to kill, I see you've become close with my favourite victims.

Naomi: Who the f**k do you think your talking to

GhostFace: Oh sassy, well if you wanna know who your talking to look a couple of metres away.

The gang all look back and see GhostFace searching for them with a golf club

Emma: Stay calm! Wait f**k that, hide.

The gang all hides apart from Paisley who decides to continue playing thinking she's gonna get a dolphin.

Paisley: Guys....where are you?Its dark here and I want my dolphin?

She looks behind her and screams.....

GhostFace decides to hit Paisley on the back of the neck with the golf club....

Will Paisley survive find out in the next chapter....

  • This episode marked the first appearances of Paisley Shay, Naomi Elliz & Benjamin Maldon.
  • Paisley was hit at the back of the neck with a golf club. It is unknown right now if she will survive.

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