"It's not supposed to end like this."
—Noah Foster[src]

Noah Foster was a main character in the television series Scream. He is portrayed by John Karna


Audrey's closest confidante is creative, brilliant and tech-savvy enough to be the next Steve Jobs. Lucky for him, he's got a great sense of humor (a la John Cusack in his teen prime) that helps him navigate the halls of his high school.

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  • Noah: "You can't do a slasher as a TV series."
  • Noah: "Some guys like sports. I like serial killers. And Brandon James is my Dallas Cowboys."
  • Noah: "Once the first body is found, its only a matter of time before the bloodbath commences."
  • Noah: "Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. And everyone is fair game. Until there's no one left." 
  • Noah: "Ugh, such a lame disappointment. All this hype and then nothing. It's like everyone saying "Go see The Blair Witch Project."'
  • Noah: "Noah Foster, killer of parties"
  • Noah: "You go to the movies, it ends, the lights come up, and then everybody goes home feeling better"
  • Noah: "Yes! Yes! Bi-curious and the Virgin officially out of retirement"
  • Noah: "Well, well, if it isn't my tardy sidekick"
  • Noah: "Sure, except in this school people get killed by knife wielding maniacs every twenty years, give or take."
  • Noah: "It's was an announcement, a coming out party, a classic end of act one body drop"
  • Noah: "You need to update your genre references. That's a pretty outdated way of thinking."


  • Noah is very similar to Randy Meeks and is also a film geek, but also as technical and uniquely charismatic as Robbie Mercer.
  • He knows the ins and outs of the slasher genre and frequently compares his situations with those from horror movies.
  • Brandon James is his favorite mass murderer.
  • He attends George Washington High School and is best friends with Audrey Jensen.
  • In Pilot, Noah reveals that he is on the shortlist for an intership with Elon Musk
  • He had a romantic relationship with Riley Marra, but this was short lived due to her being murdered in Wanna Play a Game?.
  • Just like his friend Audrey, his former love interest was murdered.
  • He works part-time (12 hours a week) at a video game store called Nightmare Level.
  • In the Pilot, the red substance on Noah's head was not blood, but paint.
  • At the end of Revelations, it is shown that he took over Piper Shaw's podcast. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, he renames the podcast "The Morgue".
  • In Season 2, it is shown that he has created a "Murder Wall", that is designed to connect all the dots of the murders, the murderers and the suspects in order to figure out everything about the latest killings in Lakewood.
  • In Season 2, he is shown to have developed an obsession with the murders.
  • He doesn't get along with his cat.
  • He told Riley that his favorite movie was Terminator which he later revealed that it was a lie.
    • His favorite movie is Psycho followed by Somewhere in Time.
  • He wished he played an instrument, specifically the saxophone.
  • He was a romantic interest of Zoë Vaughn.
  • Noah is one of the members of the Lakewood Six; he is ranked third by Gustavo Acosta.
  • He lost his virginity to Zoë Vaughn in The Orphanage.
  • He is the fifth person in the series to get a call from the killer.
  • He got stabbed and buried alive in The Vanishing by Ghostface
    • This is the first time Noah has ever been attacked.
  • He had a romantic relationship with Zoë Vaughn, but this was short lived due to her being murdered in The Vanishing.
  • Distraught at Zoë's death, asked the remaining members of the Lakewood Six to take down and take down his murderboard in Heavenly Creatures.
    • He later changed his mind and decided to continue his murderboard at Gustavo's urging.
  • His computer was hacked by Ghostface in Heavenly Creatures.
    • Ghostface uploaded a video about Emma and Audrey being the killers and providing evidence from Emma's dream journal and the recording of Audrey's confession about Piper and also the gif of Audrey tampering with Jake's dead body.
  • He is one of 4 characters to have appeared in every episode.
    • He is also the only male character to have appeared in every episode.


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