Out of Darkness: A True Story of Survival is a self-help/autobiographical book written by Sidney Prescott.


Out of Darkness is Sidney Prescott's first book about coming out of darkness, a road to a new life and story. Out of Darkness is how Sidney faced many troubles three separate times in the events of Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 and how she managed 3 years of survival and coming out of hiding after the events of the third Ghostface killing spree. 

It was apparently published around 2010, as evidenced by Sidney's book tour around that time period, and was written during the decade between Scream 3 and 4. Random House is apparently the publishing house for the book as evidenced when Sidney's publicist Rebecca says that "Random" wants three more books. "Out of Darkness" cost $30.95 in the United States and $35.95 in Canada. 

Back Jacket Description

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"Out of Darkness is the gripping firsthand account of Sidney Prescott, the Woodsboro teen whose life was torn apart by a string of violent murders. The high school murders shocked the nation, but nobody was closer to the victims than Sidney. Her story is one of awe-inspiring strength in the face of horrifying tragedy. In her own words, Sidney is a "survivor" and her brave actions provide unarguable evidence for this fact. Her much anticipated autobiography does not disappoint, delving into the mysterious darkness that consumed Sidney during the murders. She has demonstrated amazing strength and fortitude coping with tragedy. After the brutal murder of Sidney's mother and best friend, many feared for her well-being. Despite it all, she never allowed herself to break down and finally managed to re-gain control of her life. Her name may be synonymous with the Woodsboro Murders, but it is also synonymous with bravery. Her inspiring story is uniquely powerful and not to be missed."

Scream 4

Sidney returns to her hometown of Woodsboro, California to promote Out of Darkness, with her publicist, Rebecca. Sidney has presumably moved on from her agorophobia and career as a self help hotline operator and gone on to write her first book, doing very well for herself after the events of Scream 3. Unfortunately, all is not well as a new Ghostface copycat killer springs up and starts creating a real-life remake. The book's role in the film is to provide irony that Sidney wrote Out of Darkness only to be plunged back into it. 


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