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Prescott/Roberts Family
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  • Deceased (All members except Sidney Prescott)
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The Prescott and Roberts Family is one of the main families throughout the Scream franchise as that it is shown in every sequel. The list below contains the different family member's of the family and there in-laws. Two of the main Ghostface killers are members of the Prescott/Roberts family namely Roman Bridger and Jill Roberts. Ironically, both had similar motives: to kill Sidney and become famous as the "sole survivor" of their respective murder sprees.


Scream 049
  • Maureen Prescott: was the mother of Sidney Prescott and Roman Bridger. Born with the last name Roberts. Maureen ran away at the age of eighteen, in order to become a movie star. She used the stage name of, Rina Reynolds and told no one about her hidden Hollywood life. However, Maureen was brutally raped at one of John Milton's parties. [1] Which caused her to become pregnant and have one son named Roman Bridger. It's unknown if she gave him the name of "Roman" or if his adoptive parents did. When Maureen left the famous life and moved back to Woodsboro, California, she met her husband, Neil Prescott and the two eventually had a daughter, Sidney. However, Roman eventually tracked her down, although she shut him out of her life, explaining that he is Rina's child, not Maureen. It caused Roman to tape everything she was doing, in order to kill her. He hired Billy Loomis, who his father was having an affair with Maureen to kill her. Billy and his friend Stu Macher killed Maureen and framed her lover, Cotton Weary. She is a integral part in all of the four movies.
  • Sidney Prescott: was the daughter of Maureen and Neil Prescott. She is the survivor of the Woodsboro murder spree, after defeating and killing all of the killer's. She is targeted by all the killers, who want her dead. Billy Loomis and Stu Macher wanted her dead because Billy's dad was having an affair with her mother, which caused Billy's mother to divorce him. Debbie Loomis and Mickey Altieri wanted Sidney dead, cause she killed Billy in the previous movie. Roman Bridger wanted her dead, cause Maureen shut him out of her life, telling him that she only has one child, Sidney. And Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker wanted her dead, because they solely just wanted to get the fame and money, Sidney got when she survived the first attacks, which would make them the next Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks. Currently, Sidney is the only member of her family known to still be alive.
  • Roman 2
    Roman Bridgerwas the son of Maureen and half-brother of Sidney. The Prescott family did not know of his existence (with the exception of Maureen) until he became a murderer. He was conceived while Maureen was a young Hollywood actress named "Rina Reynolds", and his father was film producer John Milton. Rina put him up for adoption and left Hollywood for Woodsboro. Roman tracked her down about twenty-four years later and hoped that she would welcome him into her life, however she rejected him as "Rina's child, and Rina is dead". Roman got personal revenge by filming her life and showing the tape to Billy Loomis, using Maureen's affair with Billy's father to manipulate Billy into killing Maureen. Roman was enraged when his half-sister Sidney became famous from the event, as Billy and his best friend Stu Macher had gone on a killing spree afterward and set off a chain of events that made Sidney into a famed figure. He planned revenge on Sidney by killing off the cast members of his latest film based on her life, and planned to kill her and frame her as being a pyscho. However, he was ultimately defeated and killed by Sidney and Dewey. Roman was the mastermind behind all of the terrible things that had happened to the Prescott/Roberts family.
  • Neil Prescott: Was a businessman in Woodsboro, California. He was the father to Sidney Prescott and the ex-husband to Maureen Prescott. He was also the chief suspect in the Woodsboro murders and nearly a victim. Neil was very overprotective about his daughter, after hearing about the murders in his town.
    Neil Prescott
    Billy was planning on framing Neil for the whole thing. Although, that plan didn't go out well. He still remained close to his daughter, after his wife's death. Neil suffered a heart attack and passed away before Scream 4 happened.
  • Mrs. Kate Roberts
    Kate Roberts
    was the mother of Jill Roberts, who turned out to be the killer in the fourth movie. She is the sister of Maureen Prescott, thus making Sidney Prescott her niece. Kate, suffers from somewhat emotional scarring, due to trauma that involves Sidney and because of the brutal murder of her sister, Maureen. When her daughter, Jill get's attacked by Ghostface. Not knowing that Jill is actually the killer, Kate tries her absolute best to protect her only child, however Jill sneaks out of her window to go to Kirby's house. When Sidney and Kate attempt to go rescue her, they are both attacked by Jill dressed in her Ghostface costume.  They slam the door on her hand, wounding her temporary. However, when Kate leans down onto the floor, Jill sticks in the knife through the mail slot, thus killing Kate instantly. 
  • Jill Roberts 1
    Jill Roberts:
     was the daughter of Kate Roberts and cousin of Sidney Prescott. Jill grew up in the shadow of Sidney, who she had never even met. She craved fame, but never got any because people dismissed her as just Sidney's cousin. Angrily, Jill became the fourth Ghostface, manipulating film geek Charlie Walker into helping her. Her plan was to become famous as a modern-day version of Sidney, by remaking the events of the original murder spree and making it look like she was the survivor. Eventually, she killed her ex-boyfriend Trevor Sheldon, as well as Charlie, to frame them as being the new generation's Billy and Stu before she stabbed Sidney in the stomach in a failed attempt to kill her cousin. Sidney collapsed, and Jill arrogantly assumed that she was dead before making it look like Trevor and Charlie had tried to kill her. Eventually, the truth that Jill was the killer came out, while she tried to kill Sidney in the hospital. Jill was electrocuted, but jumped back up for one last scare. Sidney responded by shooting Jill in the heart, killing her deranged cousin.
  • In the third movie, while looking up information on Maureen's past, Gale says Maureen's maiden name is Roberts. In the 4th movie, Kirby calls Kate "Mrs. Roberts". However, since Jill's father is not seen or mentioned, it is most likeley that Kate and him never got married, and that the "Mrs." was a slipup on Kirby's part. Thusly, Jill's father is currently unknown. Early drafts of the script suggest his last name is "Keesler".


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Notes and References

  1. These parties are arranged for women to get acting jobs, by sleeping with a producer and/or director.

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