Reilly York
Job(s) Sunrise Studios Employee
Date of Birth

Reilly York, is synonymous with some of the most frightening names in horror, "The Ripper", "Brien Clemmons", and "Uglyhead" to name a few. While working as a barber for UCLA's ROTC, he got his acting start with his twin brother Frances in John Milton's directing debut The Path To Gold. Reilly was truly welcomed into the Sunrise family in 1970 with his vicious in the John Milton, Fred Rifkin classic Is Somebody There? He has appeared in ten Sunrise hits and has written two films in the Don't Go Downstairs series. Reilly York is known around the lot as the charter member of Sunrise's Horror Walk of Fame. He can currently be seen on television as the witty butler Owen on the hit sitcom Me and the Kid.

Acting Credits

Screenwriting Credits

  • The Path to Gold (1970)
  • Don't Go Downstairs Again (1979)
  • Never Go Downstairs (1980)

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