The Riley Family is one of the main families in the Scream franchise. It is  close to the Prescott/Roberts Family.


  • Mrs. Riley: is the mother of Dewey Riley and Tatum Riley. She is the mother-in-law of Gale Riley. She was also close to her daughter's best friend, Sidney Prescott.
  • Dewey Riley: is 

    Dewey Riley

    the son of Mrs. Riley and an unseen father. He was the Deputy of Woodsboro by the time of The Woodsboro Murders. He survived with major wounds. He also helped solve the Windsor College Murders, but was wounded in the climax of those as well. He played a key role in solving the third Ghostface killing spree and even was the one to kill the person responsible; he shot Roman Bridger, the identity of Ghostface, in the head. He proposed to Gale Weathers afterward, and they were married for many years. He and Gale assisted in solving the fourth killing spree, and by now Dewey was the Sherriff. He drove Gale to the hospital when she was wounded by Ghostface and also helped defend Sidney against her insane cousin, Jill Roberts.
  • Tatum 2

    Tatum Riley

    Tatum Riley: was the sister of Dewey Riley and the daughter of Mrs. Riley. She was Sidney's best friend, and the girlfriend of Stu Macher. She was very sarcastic and witty. Tatum protected Sidney during the first killing spree, until a party at Stu's house. There, she fled from Ghostface in the Macher garage and was the only person to fight back at first. Then she tried to climb through a cat flap in the garage door, but got stuck and couldn't pull back out. Ghostface made the door raise to the ceiling, breaking Tatum's neck once she reached the top, and killing her instantly.
  • Gale Riley: is the wife of Dewey. 

    Gale Riley

    She started out as a famous TV reporter who wrote a book on why Cotton Weary was innocent of the murder that he was accused of, but her book ultimately failed to convince the court of Cotton's innocence. When more murders occured the next year, Gale arrived to report on them, where she frequently argued with Sidney Prescott, the daughter of Cotton's "victim", Maureen Prescott. Gale remained sure that Cotton was wrongly accused by Sidney. She ended up helping Sidney by saving her from the real killer, Billy Loomis, by shooting him, before Billy rose back up and was shot by Sidney in the forehead. Gale wrote another book about solving the murders, which was adapted into the film StabWhen new murders started happening, she reported again, but was held at gunpoint by Billy's revenge-driven mother, who had been posing as a fellow reporter and huge fan. Gale survived the ordeal and helped kill the other Ghostface, Mickey Altieri. Her third book was also adapted, and another movie was greenlit, not based on one of her books; the film cast started being killed off. She investigated and was eventually tied up along with Dewey, but Sidney untied them and went to fight Ghostface. Once that was over, Dewey proposed to her and she accepted. They were married for a long time and helped solve a fourth spree; it was Gale who deduced the identity of the killer. She helped defend Sidney, and survived again. 
  • Mr. Riley: is the father of Tatum and Dewey. He is the husband of Mrs. Riley. He was out of town during the Woodsboro Murders.


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Riley Family has a Photo Gallery.

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