"Mother's dead, and there's nothing you can do about that. I still got to make my movie."
—Roman reminds Sidney that he succeeded in murdering people.
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Roman Bridger in Scream 3.

Hello, everyone. Votesmall here, and I've decided to make a fan page based around my favorite Ghostface: Roman Bridger of Scream 3, since fan pages seem popular around here.

This is a safe-haven for fans of Roman like myself. If you have something to say about Roman, don't hesitate to talk about it. This page is not meant to glorify him, either. He is a psychotic serial killer. But what it is meant to do is discuss how efficient and intelligent he is. Enjoy.


My own theory is that he resembles Fred Krueger, another Wes Craven character, because both were concieved of a rape and had tragic childhoods, which would later lead to them becoming killers. Despite being adopted by the Bridger family as a child, Roman must not have felt loved and often wondered who his real mother was. After a lifetime of searching, he finally found her only to be rejected in favor of her daughter, Sidney. Roman began brewing a violent grudge and eventually became a serial killer after suffering a psychotic break.

The character was not without its criticisms, however. Most regard Scream 3 to have the weakest killer reveal in the series and some regard the idea that Roman was Sidney's brother as rushed and silly. However, Roman has been exceptionally well-recieved as a killer, due in no small part to how he handles his murder sprees. He is usually regarded as the most superior Ghostface and Roman's cool attitude only makes the character more interesting and realistic.

What follows is a list of over ninety points as to why Roman was efficient and highly intelligent. I decided to make this page because I've seen people say that Roman was "the worst Ghostface" without having any evidence but opinions and heresay. One of the major complaints is Roman blowing up a house. Just because it isn't Ghostface's M.O. doesn't make him the worst Ghostface nor does it make him inefficient. I think it's cool that Roman did that, but even if you don't, quit taking it out on the character. 

Why Roman's the best Ghostface

  • Roman is unassuming and ordinary. Very few people even considered him as a suspect. He just seemed like another hotheaded, self-centered, spoiled Hollywood director. He was also rarely seen, so people didn't think of him as a suspect, because he was almost always in the background. So it came as a great shock to the audience when it was revealed that he was the killer. This makes him the only Ghostface killer to be a background character. Every other killer has had a major role in the film they were in. Even Mickey was closely involved with Derek and Sidney, since, according to Dewey, serial killers "get off on that".
  • Almost unanimously regarded as the most efficient and intelligent Ghostface as he possessed enough genius-level intellect to track down his mother (after she used an assumed name), Billy Loomis and, eventually, his own sister as well as score the Stab 3 directing gig since he had directed music videos himself. 
  • Roman is actually quite a funny character at first. So many people thought it was actually tragic that he was revealed as the killer, because they enjoyed the comic relief he brought to the film. Roman seemed like a fun guy and is much like Stu in this regard.
  • Only Ghostface to attempt to make Sidney think she was going insane, which very nearly worked.
  • Attempted to accomplish this by covering himself with a fake Maureen Prescott body bag and use her voice to talk to Sidney, which seriously messed with her head, proving that Roman was the only Ghostface that tormented Sidney not just physically, but also mentally. It is possible that Sidney merely imagined the film set chase with Ghostface just like she may have done at the play rehearsal in Scream 2, but it is more likely that Roman actually did attack her. Roman messed with her head to such a severe degree that it caused her to doubt her own sanity. This was to an even worse degree than Mickey, who drove her into hiding in the first place. 
  • Has the second highest kill count of the Scream franchise (after Kieran Wilcox), at nine. Roman's victims were Christine HamiltonCotton WearySarah DarlingSteven StoneTom PrinzeAngelina TylerTyson FoxJennifer Jolie and John Milton. He attempted to kill Sidney Prescott as well, presumably saving Kancaid, Gale and Dewey for last.
  • Only Ghostface to attempt to frame Sidney. He recorded a message in Sidney's voice with his special device that said that he was going to leave on Milton's answering machine to be found next to his "lifeless, mutilated corpse". He played it for Sidney and it said: "I know who you are.  I know what happened to my mother, and I want you to understand, I'm gonna make you pay!". It is unknown what Roman's intentions afterward were. Roman obviously intended to kill Sidney and make it look like self-defense and then be a sole survivor. Also framing Sidney rather than making her die a hero as other killers had attempted was quite genius, because he couldn't stand to see Sidney gain fame for the murders. Ruining Sidney's reputation would solve for this. Even Tom himself had thoughts that Sidney could have snapped, which is only made better for Roman when you consider that Sidney looks as if she is losing her mind due to Roman dressing up as Maureen and screwing with her head.
  • Seen defending violence in movies, which mirrors Wes Craven's actual views. This helps to rule him out as a suspect because he refers to the killers of the world as "psychos". Later on, Sidney tells Roman not to blame others for his own murders, and he refuses to listen. This is a representation of director Wes Craven's frustration with people who use horror films as scapegoats for murder motives.
  • Was questioned by the police, yet was set free. Only other Ghostface to do this was Billy, who had an alibi because of his partner, Stu. Despite being foul-mouthed and argumentative, he was always cooperative and respectful, if not a little curt, with the police. The consistency of his short temper and curt reaction to suspicion in his personality allowed him to not be thought of as a suspect, just Roman being Roman.
  • Wes Craven even said on the commentary for Scream 3 that this was a deliberate hint that Roman was the killer: both Billy (the boyfriend) and Roman (the director) were initially the prime suspects of their killing sprees who were questioned by police and set free before the attention was turned to someone else (Sidney's father in Billy's case and John Milton in Roman's case). 
  • Gale and Dewey were both shocked to discover that Roman was the killer. They have not had this reaction with other killers. 
    Jennifer and Roman

    Roman plays his "selflish director" role very well.

  • Didn't leave any fingerprints or DNA on anything. Other killers have left behind masks or fingerprints. 
  • Roman had an extremely elaborate and foolproof plan. Intending to frame Sidney for the murders by using Maureen's rape and the pressure of another film about her as an excuse is exceptionally clever. The cops would no doubt have believed it. 
  • Couldn't care less about his expendable cast who even threw a birthday party for him (although it seemed like Jennifer and his personalities clicked) and used the murders to further his own alibi. Roman whines about the murders and how they threaten to shut down production early in the film. Roman's persona as the foul-mouthed, argumentative, self-important and short-tempered director not only helped to flesh out his character while removing him as a suspect, but also made him stand out among the other characters in the films. He kind of seemed to take a page from Randy's obnoxious behavior and take that up quite a bit to the point nobody even wanted to be around him, much less think of him like a suspect. Although it can't be confirmed, Roman probably wasn't that arrogant outside of his director persona because his director persona allowed him to appear larger than life and divert suspicion to other cast members because he would be too obvious of a suspect (much like what Billy Loomis did in the first film, but in a much more cunning way). Roman's intelligence allowed him to pit the cast of the film against each other while simultaneously hiding in plain sight. Even Dewey seems to rule him out as a suspect by rolling his eyes and not even bothering to pay attention after Roman rants about how someone wants to "kill (his) movie", and he was the one looking for possible suspects. 
  • Had a tragic backstory. Maureen's illegitimate son concieved as the result of a gang rape, abandoned by his mother (if you've ever seen an episode of Criminal Minds, you know that's just the sort of thing that'll kick off a killing spree. And according to him, that's just what happened), raised by a foster family yet spent his entire life looking for an actress that didn't exist, only to finally discover his real mother, who rejected him in favor of Sidney Prescott. That would make anyone insanely jealous, and after seeing that Sidney actually became famous as a result of the chain of events that he set in motion to kill his mother, he suffered a complete psychotic break and decided to end Sidney's life once and for all. 
  • Roman mentions that Variety magazine called him a "pariah". He then states that he doesn't even know what that is. A pariah actually means "outcast", or someone who is hated by others. Oddly enough, this describes not just Roman's career, but also Maureen's abandonment of him. 
  • He had a bulletproof vest so that he could survive gunshots, giving the illusion of immortality.
  • Even with the use of a bulletproof vest, he still managed to withstand six rounds of .357 Magnum, five .38 Special slugs and later thirteen nine millimeter rounds, all to the chest. This trauma would cause severe bruising and possible internal bleeding, yet Roman still toughed it out.
  • Played a recording of him doing Sidney's voice over a phone call to Dewey. This is clear because Roman didn't actually converse with Dewey, so it is obvious that it is a recording. However, Roman was intelligent enough to anticipate Dewey's questions so he left pauses and basic responses to his concerns.
  • Above average physical strength. Survived two stabs to the back, a stab to the chest, a violent fistfight and eighteen gunshots (though he was wearing a bulletproof vest) It wasn't until the ninteenth that a headshot finished him off.
  • Considerable maneuverability and arguably the Ghostface in best overall physical shape. Fast and agile enough to dodge axe blows from Sarah before jumping back into position, punching her in the face afterwords in one swift motion. He also was able to dodge a gunshot to the head, which is pretty impressive. Aside from that, he is able to dodge six shots of .357 Magnum slugs from Dewey's Colt Python revolver and then rolled underneath a nearby car before fleeing. This is quite an impressive feat.
  • Survived a stab near the heart. This is presumably because of his usage of the bulletproof vest, but it's still impressive, since it looked like he was dying at first. 
  • He was described as "ravishingly handsome, 29, tall and stocky" in the script. This could even make him the most handsome male Ghostface killer.
  • Every Ghostface spree has a "schedule", so to speak, for their killing sprees. In the first film, the killings were in the order they would be in a horror film. In the sequel, they were in the order of what they were in the first film and in Scream 4 they were in the order of when their remake equivalents were killed in the original film. In Scream 3, Roman kills the victims in the order of which their characters are to die in the respective film, Stab 3. However, since this does not apply due to multiple scripts so as to avoid spoilers leaking onto the internet, nobody knows who will really die next. This is a very clever scheme, and even more so when you consider that Roman deliberately ignores this towards the end of the film since he has already gotten Sidney out of hiding, and just starts killing the rest of the cast in a random order. This is evidenced by how he prepares to kill Jennifer Jolie, but she objects, saying that she is the killer in Stab 3, and therefore should not be killed yet.  
  • Only Ghostface to kill the guests of their own birthday party they threw for him (yes, this one is a stretch but it's still pretty messed up).
  • Pretended to see his headless broken music video statue as a sign that he was to be the next victim. This is a clever way to avoid suspicion.
  • Second and only other Ghostface to get knocked out cold only to wake up later, after Mickey. 
  • Only Ghostface besides Mrs. Loomis to not be a main character or primary suspect (to the audience, that is).
  • The second most sympathetic Ghostface (after Mrs. Loomis). His backstory was tragic and he only felt envious to Sidney for her loving family, which he never had. He is a tragic character, who wound up going insane.
  • Roman was like a tragic villain, the mirror to his half-sister, Sidney. He even looks like close enough to her that it looks like they could share the same mother.
  • Roman called Sidney at Kancaid's LAPD precinct. This is incredibly brave. 
  • In one scene, Roman complains that he had to direct a horror film before he could do the classic love story that he wanted to direct. Ironically, director Wes Craven had to do Scream 3 before he could do his inspirational drama Music of The Heart.
  • Only Ghostface to pretend to be intoxicated.
  • Only Ghostface to wear glasses.
  • Only Ghostface to manipulate hostages and use them to locate victims.

    Roman telling Sidney the truth.

  • Only Ghostface to work alone without a partner, indicating that he himself is already efficient as a killer.
  • Only Ghostface to deliberately leave clues to his motivation, photographs of Maureen Prescott.
  • Broke into the Woodsboro Police Station and attempted to steal Sidney's file.
  • His actions set the events of the entire trilogy in motion.
  • He was also the reason that Scream 4 happened. As Jill only killed people in hopes to become famous like Sidney had after the murder rampages and replace her.
  • The fact that he was able to kill an entire film's cast without arousing suspicion is pretty impressive.
  • He was the reason why Sidney suffered the traumas from the last two movies.
  • Each kill revolved soley around getting Sidney out of hiding.
  • Completely psychotic and irrational. Blamed Sidney for something she had no control over merely because of his obsessive jealousy. Roman's jealously wasn't only about the fame Sidney received. It was more about how Maureen claimed Sidney yet rejected him like trash. For Roman, he's the part of Maureen that she never wanted and Sidney represents the part of her life she did want. This would make anyone crack, even if they were adopted and most likely had a happy childhood with lots of wealth.
  • Took on four people (Dewey, Gale, Tyson and Jennifer) all at once. Roman punched Dewey in the face first in this scene.
  • Roman was able to track down Sidney's home phone number while she was in hiding. This is evidenced because when Ghostface called her as her "mother" it was not on the work line, but her home line. 
  • Also the only Ghostface to move his knife down and out of the costume's sleeve. Speaking of which...
  • ...unlike the last four killers, Roman had new tricks up his sleeve.
  • Roman faked his own death not through the use of a custom dummy (that would be traced back to production, implicating him as the murderer). No, he rather faked a knife wound and spilled studio blood from the film set all over himself before using a special technique where he applied pressure to a specific vein, temporarily stopping his pulse. This is the only way he could have faked his death and prevented Gale from discovering the feint, assuming she even bothered to check his pulse, which was something he planned ahead for. This requires a great amount of skill and it is also extremely dangerous. He utilized props from the film set to accomplish this and is the only Ghostface to fake his own death all by himself.
  • Uses a voice changer, but with a new twist. This voice changer is highly advanced and presumably quite expensive because it can use the killer's voice and many other voices. This trick manipulates his victims and causes suspicion. Roman also recorded a fake message from Sidney with his voice changer, claiming responsibility for the murders.
  • He caused a gas leak and cut the power. Tom couldn't see so he had to use a lighter, unknowingly igniting the gas, killing himself and destroying Jennifer's house.
  • Only Ghostface to use weapons other than a knife, car or gun to kill victims. He threw Tyson Fox out a window and blew up Jennifer Jolie's house. He also bashed Steven Stone into unconsciousness with a frying pan, leaving his knife in his back and letting Stone slowly die from his injuries. He also smashed a chair over Kancaid's head. This is especially true for Tyson's murder. During Tyson's murder, Tyson attacked Roman, but Roman easily fought him off, stabbing him. As Tyson tried to flee and get help, Roman followed him down a staircase and then pulled a rug from under him, causing him to painfully fall on his own head, giving him neck damage. Roman then picked him up and slammed him into a glass China hutch before throwing him off a balcony, killing him. All of these weapons are unique to Roman and have not been used by any other Ghostface killer.
  • Nearly killed Mark Kancaid with ease, causing his arm to be kept in a sling at the end of the film. 
  • Smart enough to take Kancaid's derringer and shoot Sidney with it immediately after she pulled a weapon on him, discarding it after shooting her twice. This would further cement that it was done in self-defense. Roman did not suspect that she, too, would be wearing a bulletproof vest. Siblings think alike. 
  • Only Ghostface to lock Sidney in a room with them. 
  • Most accurate depiction of a serial killer in the entire series. An average serial killer is an intelligent white male, late 20s to early 30s and socially functional, usually with a troubled past.
  • Personifying the artistic director in an almost bumbling Woody Allen way, Roman acted like a tragic hero, the mirror to his half-sister, Sidney.
  • Caused Jennifer Jolie to begin smoking again.
  • His name may have been inspired by fellow film director Roman Polanski, who directed several famous horror movies such as Repulsion and Rosemary's Baby.
  • Only Ghostface to use someone else as a red herring to get people to fall into a trap. He planted evidence in John Milton's house which allowed suspicion to divert away from him so he could get everything to fall into place.
  • Only Ghostface to fret about how the killer was going to target them next. This is because the head was taken off his statue. 
  • Roman seemed to have a fair talent for both acting AND directing (not just movies, either)! Breaking the mold here, people.  
  • Only Ghostface to throw his knife at a victim with great accuracy. However, the blade didn't hit Dewey, only the handle. This throw still caused him to fall unconscious, though. 
    Roman reveal

    Roman revels himself.

  • Used his voice changer to imitate his own voice, fooling Sarah and the audience into believing that the killer was merely using Roman's voice as a red herring.
  • Roman's plan to be the sole survivor despite being a man would have worked, since it's a trilogy and ordinary rules (such as the "final girl" trope) do not apply.
  • Roman was smart enough to hide inside an entire rack of Ghostface outfits to make it tougher to spot the real killer. This allowed him to pose as an inanimate costume. He is the only Ghostface killer to do this. Kancaid discusses the possibility of a third killer along with Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. The movie is Scream 3.
  • He is the only Ghostface to act alone.
  • Killed bodyguard Steven Stone with ease.
  • Only attacked Sidney when there were no witnesses. This would further prove his alibi that Sidney was imagining her mother, thus setting her up as a potential suspect. 
  • Easily escaped from an overturned bookshelf and also a cart full of props on a staircase. Also fell from a second story onto a bed and ran off immediately afterwords. 
  • Only Ghostface to use fax to communicate with victims.
  • It is left ambiguous as to whether or not John Milton is Roman's real father. This is speculation, but if it is the case, Roman killed both of his biological parents. 
  • Had his plan succeeded, he would have killed two cops, though previous killer Mickey had already done that.
  • Only Ghostface to explain his motive in detail to his victim before revealing himself. 
  • Roman didn't kill Maureen himself because he needed a fall guy. If Billy and Stu slipped, they would have been convicted for the murder of Maureen. What proof did Billy have that someone showed him a videotape of his father and Maureen having an affair? Much like Cotton and Maureen's affair, a rumor couldn't be proven in court and Billy would get arrested. Chances are Roman never told Billy his name and Roman kept the tapes. Without a name, the police can't figure the mastermind behind the murder. Stu never even met Roman. Everything is traceable back to Billy and Stu and if Roman decided to kill Billy just to tie up the loose ends, Stu would get blamed. 
  • Foreshadowed motive by saying how tragic life is.
  • Only Ghostface whose death actually significantly affected Sidney emotionally, as she held hands with him as he seemingly died. This could be due to the fact that Sidney took pity on Roman, who understood his motives upon him revealing his ties to her. While Roman died in disgrace, it was still actually kind of tragic. Even killing Jill, her own cousin she had known for her entire life, did not trouble Sidney so much as watching her half-brother die. He truly made an impact on Sidney, possibly because she knew that Roman was the one behind it all. Sidney holding Roman as he died could also mean she has finally forgiven him for what he did to her, allowing her to finally move on with her life; and, later, write her bestselling self-help book, Out of Darkness. The film's ending further supports this idea. 
  • Both Sidney and Roman had tragic lives but went about their lives in different ways. Sidney used her tragic life as a way to help others with her career with a self-help hotline, and, later, a self-help author. Roman, however, used his tragic backstory to fuel a hatred-filled, obsessive rage and plot a murder spree. The two are actually more similar than most people realize, but it's how they dealt with their situations that truly defined them. It is entirely plausible that, rather than hating Sidney for being the accepted one, had Roman actually tried to reach out to Sidney, that she would have grown close with her brother and the two would have led very, very different lives. 
  • Only killer to explain their motives while wearing the Ghostface costume. This added to the intensity of the scene and the mystique of the Ghostface character identity. 
  • Only killer to call Sidney's cellphone when looking for her.
  • Most popular character in Scream 3 besides Jennifer Jolie. 
  • Came closest to killing Sidney Prescott out of all the killers. He would have strangled Sidney to death had he not been interrupted by the power going out. This allowed Sidney to hide and get the upper hand. Jill came close likewise but Sidney survived her stabs and wound up defeating Jill in a fight, so Roman is the Ghostface who came the closest to killing Sidney. Even though he was defeated, Roman proved to be a highly formidable opponent, beating his own sister up and then attempting to strangle her. He would have then made sure she was dead, unlike other killers who have failed to do so.
  • Least brutal Ghostface. This is presumably because he wanted to be faster and more efficient or saw killing as a means to an end and just wanted to get it over with. He also did not wipe the blade after a kill, giving him more time to flee the scene.
  • Only Ghostface to cut the power to a location.
  • Only Ghostface to use music to frighten his victims. When Christine was home alone, Roman blared the stereo to freak her out. By the way, the song he played was Creed's "What If", which shows he had a decent taste in music.
  • Roman appeared depressed over his 30th birthday, drinking alcohol straight from a bottle and conversing with the cast at Milton's mansion. This was to further divert attention away from himself as a suspect.
  • Only Ghostface to use a metal detector to reveal weapons and protect himself.
  • Scream-Roman Bridger

    Scream-Roman Bridger

    Killed Cotton Weary.
  • Said "I'll be right back" before his "death", yet the rules didn't apply because it was a trilogy.
  • Most profound Ghostface. When he spoke to his sister, Sidney, he was not only sophisticated, but also personal. He was less intellectual and more sadistic with other victims like Sarah Darling. This took the persona of Ghostface and raised it above trash-talking and frightening threats and more into the realm of family secrets and truth about to be revealed, keeping with the theme of film trilogies. 
  • Could be heard delivering hard blows to Dewey and Gale when they told Sidney not to come to Milton's mansion.
  • Apparently slept with Jennifer Jolie, which, if you haven't seen her, is a great accomplishment.
  • Despite it being a part of his plan, he did seem genuinely devastated that his movie was to be shut down, showing he had some respect for film-making even though he knowingly ruined his chances of working on it. This was proven when Sarah looked at one of his Music Video Awards. When he's later seen complaining about his movie being shut down to John Milton, from both the killings and the cops suspecting him, Milton assures him that the latter would actually help boost his career, which in turn made Roman a bit enthusiastic. Later when Sidney has him subdued, he smugly tells her he still got to make his movie, knowing full well that the studio would want to make a sequel based on his recent murders. This would also foreshadow the events that would happen years later, which also happened because of Roman's instigation of Billy and Stu. 
  • It has been suggested that Roman was a poor character because he did not act in Scream 2. However, this is likely due to him focusing on being a music video director since his revenge against Maureen had been completed. It was not until Stab 2 came out that Sidney became a large enough celebrity (i.e. appearing on Diane Sawyer and being the main character in Stab 2) for Roman to go even deeper into insanity and plot a murder spree of his very own. 
  • It has been argued that if Roman told Billy to do it, he would have been a suspect. However it is likely that Roman did not tell Billy his name, motivation and didn't stick around very long. Supposing Billy did get caught, what would he tell the police? Roman would be smart enough so as to not implicate himself like that. It is unclear as to whether or not Roman ever met Stu Macher (whom he also mentioned in Scream 3), but that could also be the case. Roman only suggested that Billy have a partner to take the fall in case he got blamed, which is pretty screwed up to say the least. One could argue that, should the two get caught, if he wanted to tie up loose ends connecting him to the murders he could kill Billy and have Stu take the fall for it (which could have been his intent all along, but he advised Billy that he have a partner). Even if Billy did have Stu take the fall for his crimes, Stu would surely point out the flaws in his alibis getting him implicated as well. This further cements the odds that Roman told Billy to have a partner so Stu could take the fall for Roman himself in case Stu and Billy got caught. 
  • There is a fan theory that suggests he actually appeared in the first movie, possibly being the Ghostface spying on Sidney and Tatum in a few scenes and that Roman was the one who attacked his sister in the bathroom at school, which would make sense because of his agility and speed as well as the fact that nobody would have recognized him in Woodsboro, unlike Billy or Stu. It's possible, since he would had been to Woodsboro before. It has also been suggested that it was actually Roman who killed Principal Himbry (instead of Billy like is the accepted explanation) to help Stu and Billy look innocent as they were both at the video store a short time later. Roman said in Scream 3 that he "had no idea" that Billy and Stu would "make a film of their own" (something he was more angry about than remorseless for given his role in the situation), though this could be referring to his surprise at the situation rather than not knowing about it all until after it was all over and done with. Since the murder spree took place over the course of several days, Roman could have easily been around (it is also likely that Roman kept tabs on his sister and Billy). If you take a rewatch and look for continuity errors, you'll find a couple major ones that could be explained away by a third killer. The best little Easter egg that hints at just who that might be happens in the grocery store, when the reflection of the creepy masked killer appears over a brand of ice cream, conveniently called "Romantica." That just can't be an accident. See More: [1]

Roman's Plan

  1. ​Murder spree begins in Summer 2000 because Roman's production office has a calender showing July and August. Roman says he tracked Maureen Prescott down "four years ago," but enough time has to elapse for Stab 2 to be filmed and released. If Maureen was killed in October as the Scream 4 Remembrance Week may refer to, and this is August, then it would be slightly under five years and work with his quoted four. 
  2. Clone cellphone to avoid suspicion. This is exactly what Roman told Billy to do all those years ago. 
  3. Use voice changer to pit cast against each other and make murders easier.
  4. Keep out of the lime light but also avoid suspicion. 
  5. Leave photographs of "Rina Reynolds" at each murder to lure Sidney out of hiding.
  6. Only attack Sidney when there are no witnesses. Dress as her mother to make her hysterical.
  7. Fake a phone call from Sidney to Dewey, getting them to come to John Milton's party.
  8. Attend John Milton's party. Tie him up and let his absence be taken as proof of him being the killer. Keep him in the secret screening room. 
  9. Fake death.
  10. Kill all of the expendable guests and leave Dewey and Gale tied up. 
  11. Use the hostages to get Sidney to come face him. Make her use metal detector to reveal weapons.
  12. Kill John Milton, plant Sidney's message on his answering machine. 
  13. Get into an actual fight with Sidney, which would prove that the two brawled before he killed her, further proving his claim that Sidney "attacked" him.
  14. Corner Sidney and stab her with her own knife. This failed so he then tried to strangle her. This could be made to look like a suicide by hanging, or simply a justifiable homicide. Then he wound up shooting her. This would check out because he could have found Kincaid's gun and shot Sidney in "self-defense". (Note: at this time in the plan it needs hasty changes)
  15. After Sidney is dead, untie and mutilate Milton's corpse and kill Dewey, Gale and Kincaid. 
  16. Possibly injure himself further and be the sole survivor. The original script had him mutilating himself to a much greater extent than Billy and Stu, which is more realistic and closely resembling if he had actually been attacked by a serial killer. It is possible that this would be the final part of his plan. He may also fake alibis as well.


  • Probably the only flaw in Roman's plan is the fact that he wrote "I killed her" on the back of some of Maureen's photographs that he left behind at the murder scenes. If Sidney supposedly was the killer, it would make sense why she left the photos, but not make sense that she would take credit for her own mother's murder. However, this can easily be explained as further proof of Sidney's psychosis, as there are many scenes where Sidney hears Maureen saying that she doesn't 'deserve to be protected'. If Sidney did turn out to be the killer, Roman could say that she killed her because she feels responsible and guilty for letting it happen, not because she actually killed her. This is reflected in Roman claiming credit for her murder, despite the fact that he didn't really kill her, either. He simply set it in motion, which could be argued that Sidney "caused" it to happen with her inaction. The police might believe this, since Sidney claimed that she "saw" her mother inside the Woodsboro set and exhibited signs of extreme guilt about her murder, as well as further pressure from a new film being made about her and having been targeted by serial killers twice before.
  • Another more minor flaw is the call he placed to the Woodsboro Police Department asking for Sidney's file for "film research purposes" (probably with the help of his voice changer). When they refused, "she" refused to give her name and Roman later drove up to Woodsboro and ransacked the police station's file room. However, it is highly unlikely that the LAPD would even notice this since Woodsboro is in the northern part of California. Also it can be argued that Sidney ransacked the file room to find Maureen's information or simply to confuse the police.
  • Roman's plan was foolproof. He easily could have gotten away with it, just like Mrs. Loomis. He was a quick thinker, so if something went wrong in his plan, he could correct it and change it to fit his story. Roman's plan had only one relatively minor flaw, which is easily overlooked. However, unlike Mrs. Loomis, who intended to disappear after the murders, Roman intended to get fame for his murders, and if there was too much attention focused on him, it is entirely possible that the dots would be connected and Roman could be implicated for his crimes.


  • "Don't do it! If you do one thing to attract attention, one thing, I'll kill them both! Now, do you have somewhere we can be alone?"
  • "Always hard being friends with you, Sidney. When you're friends with Sidney, you die! Well, these friends don't have to, Sidney. It's up to you."
  • "How do you know you're not hearing things? How do you know I'm not someone in your head?"
  • "I don't want them, I want you! It's simple. You show yourself, they survive, you run, they die!"
  • "Don't you want to know Sidney? Don't you want to know who killed her? Don't you want to know who killed your mother?"
  • "Mother would have wanted it this way. Knowing we'd finally be together..."
  • "No Sid, that would be you!  You did it all, you did it, you killed them all, even your closest friends.  Living in total isolation, the pressure of another movie about you, the discovery the Milton destroyed Mommy Dearest, you finally just snapped!"
  • "And who's our hero? The sole survivor, the one who bravely faced down the psychopath and killed her with her own knife.  You're gonna pay for the life you stole from me Sid. For the mother, and for the family, and for the stardom, and for, goddammit, everything you had that should've been mine!"
  • "Yeah, as if life isn't tragic enough." After being told Happy Birthday
  • "She's got a nice little..... voice." (About Cotton's girlfriend, Christine)
  • "You're not going anywhere, Sidney. It's time you came to terms with me and with mother! Maybe you never knew her at all, Sidney. Maybe you just can't get past the surface of things."
  • "Exactly! But, I'm not the villain, Sid, you are!
  • Here he is, the man who gave away your mother's innocence!  Huh, what he did to her made her a slut, didn't it, huh?  She never recovered from that night, right here in this room! They fucked her three ways from Sunday, ruined her life.  Ruined yours too, didn't it, Sid.  Do you hate him Sid?  Come one, I know you do. I'm sure you do!"
  • "I'm a director, Sid. I direct."
  • "Zombies and Aliens! You know, what you look like without make-up, Jennifer."
  • "Stop pretending I even remember!" (about sleeping with Jennifer)
  • "I had no idea that they were going to make a film of their own. I mean, introducing: Sidney, the victim. Sidney, the survivor. Sidney, the star!"
  • After revealing himself as the killer "Roman Bridger, director. (in Ghostface's voice) And brother."
  • "It seems Maureen... mom, she really got around!"
  • (As Maureen) "Sid... Sid... come in here... please. It's just me, Sid. Oh, I was so pretty. Everybody loved me. Have you missed me, Sidney? Would you like to hold me one last time? What's the matter? What are you staring at? Don't you remember your... mother?"

Original Version

There were multiple scripts of Scream 3 to hide the true ending. This section will shed some lights on different versions of the film and Roman's role in each. 

  • Originally Angelina Tyler was to be Roman's accomplice. Sidney would have recognized her as Angie Crick, a girl from college who became obsessed with her. Roman manipulated the situation to get her cast as Sidney to fulfill his psychotic, incestuous fantasies. He then begins stabbing himself repeatedly, doing just what Billy Loomis and Stu Macher did to themselves. Gale fights with Angelina who is later shot by Sidney. However, she survives, only to be shot to death by Sidney, mirroring Mickey Altieri's death. She then turns around and remembers Randy's advice that Roman is superhuman, only to shoot him in the head, in turn mirroring Mrs. Loomis's death. The producers found the reveal too bizarre and last minute as well as too similar to the ending of Scream 2, so they changed the ending, however this alternate version explains her oddities in the final version, in which she is simply an oddball who serves as a red herring to distract from the real killer, Roman. This is similar to how Judy Hicks appeared to be a prime suspect in Scream 4, until she was revealed as a mere fan of Sidney's and a clear force for good. 
    Roman kills Cotton

    Roman, right before killing Cotton Weary

  • In the original version Angelina is questioned by Tom as to how she got the job so easily. It was later revealed that Roman got her hired so she could assist with the murders. This would have been more chilling in the original version but in the final cut it was made so Angelina reveals that she slept with Milton, providing a more comical tone. 
  • Alternate ending features a slow motion shot of Roman's headshot. In the final cut it is more realistic and much shorter. You see an angle from the side showing Roman getting shot in the forehead and his body crashing into a lamp behind him. In the original version, you see Dewey's viewpoint as the bullet enters his forehead and he slowly falls to the ground, avoiding the lamp. 
  • In the original script, he had incestrous feelings for his sister. This was never fully elaborated on in the film, but it only adds to his complex character. His original partner was Angelina Tyler, who he acted out his psychotic, incestrous fantasies with.
  • In Cotton's originally filmed death scene, Roman says in Ghostface's voice: "Time for my show, Cotton. You've been cancelled!". However, this was cut so he instead says in Cotton's own voice: "It was a simple game, Cotton, you should have told me where Sidney was. Now, you lose."
  • In the original cut of the film, before revealing himself as the killer, Roman says: "You should know better than to turn your back on a dead psycho, Sid. You might as well give 'em C.P.R. How about Mom, huh? You know how long I searched for an actress that didn't exist? My whole life!"
  • In the original version there was a scene where Roman talked with the police during his interrogation. Proclaiming that the Exorcist had three deaths on set and Stab 3 is shutting down production for "onesie little murder", he was more obnoxious here than in the final cut, where he is more unassuming. 
  • In the original scene Roman's first scene was addressing a crowd of Stab fans. In the final cut, his first appearance was arguing with the producers on violence in the film.
  • Deleted Dialogue: "I want to finish what I started. I want to finish the game. Let them try. You'll never find me. We've already gotten away with murder before.For instance, Maureen Prescott. Heh. So you think Sidney. So you think. It's all been building up to this Sid. Every STAB. Every SCREAM. Every ounce of blood that's been spilled has all been leading up to this moment. WELCOME TO THE FINAL ACT. We play in my court this time. Come to Hollywood. STAB 3's going to cuttingcorners cast-wise.  And I've got my eyes set on a technical advisor named Dewey Rielly. Great. A spirited one. I'll be seeing you real soon Sidney. Real soon."
  • The original script had him mutilating himself to a much greater extent than Billy and Stu, which is more realistic and closely resembling if he had actually been attacked by a serial killer. It is possible that this would be the final part of his plan.
  • In the original cut, Roman and Angelina called more people, including Milton, who did not recieve a call in the final cut.
  • Roman is the only killer not to wipe his blade clean after a kill. This is presumably because the stuntman, Brian Avery, did not have the same mannerisms as Dane Farwell, who created the act of wiping the blade clean with a thumb and index finger. This can be interpreted as Roman just didn't waste his time with it to make his murders more efficient, but it is mostlikely a result of a different stuntman playing the killer. In the original script, he was written to wipe the blade but presumably due to Farwell not reprising the role, he is not seen doing this in the final cut. However, there is a scene in the final cut where, just before tying up Dewey and Gale, retrieves his knife and apparently wipes the blood off it. It is a quick action but that is mostlikely what he is doing, since there is no blood on the blade in the next shot. It is also possible that Roman did this when chasing Jennifer down the secret passage, but it is never closely shown.
  • In the original cut, Milton's throat is slit and then disemboweled.
  • In the original cut, the climax did not take place in Milton's mansion. It rather took place "where it started", on the Woodsboro film set. 
  • In the original climax, Ghostface's voice closely resembles Roman's own. Aside from the scene in the original Scream where Sidney talks into the voice changer, this is the most accurate scene where it describes how a voice changer merely distorts a voice, rather than completely disguising it. This is probably because the workprint footage hadn't been processed yet.

Bonus Section! (*original* Angelina Tyler fan page)

If you watch the finished version of Scream 3 it is apparent that Angelina Tyler was still going to be the original accomplice even in the final cut. Her reveal scenes were not filmed, however it is still obvious, even, that she was to be a Ghostface killer. While I do prefer in the final cut simply because it is interesting to see a Ghostface act alone for purely personal purposes, plus that also further cements it as a trilogy since Roman's backstory was strong and important whereas Angelina's original backstory feels thrown in and is kind of weak (Roman was important to the story while "Angie Crick" felt tacked on to add a second killer) it makes far more sense for Angelina to have been an accomplice for many reasons. In the final cut it is possible that Roman did it all himself but if you examine the scenes where Angelina mysteriously vanishes and then reappears, it is apparent that it was supposed to be her in the costume in that scene. If this is the case, Angelina could have had more kills in the original version of Scream 3 than Roman did. However, since Roman was hardly ever on screen it is equally plausible that Roman could have been the one doing the killings and fleeing before hand. Scream 3 has many red herrings, such as Tyson Fox, who is actually absent during many of the murder scenes, showing up before or after. Tyson Fox, is later revealed to be a red herring and not a Ghostface killer. Because he is the comic relief, this is similar to Randy, who was suspected of being Ghostface but later revealed to be an innocent. The other red herring is John Milton, who was similar to Neil Prescott, Sidney's father from the first film, as the main suspect for much of the film. Angelina is the most obvious red herring due to her appearing around many of the murder scenes before or after they happen, however the final cut just reveals this to be an elaborate red herring.

  • Angelina is apparently stabbed by Roman in the shoulder when she dies. This is highly suspicious. Also her corpse is the only one to be dragged away by the killer. The original intent was obviously to allow Angelina to help Roman kill Tyson and Jennifer, however in the final cut she is never seen again and died for real. If this had been the case, this would be the only time where both Ghostface killers faked their own deaths. 
  • It is possible, if not plausible, that Angelina would have been the one behind the attack at Jennifer Jolie's house, although it could have been intended that both killers were involved like at points in the other films. This is apparent because Angelina came down from the hill much later than the rest of them, something Dewey questioned her about and she had no answer to. In the final cut, it is apparent that this is merely meant as a red herring. Tyson was also not around in this scene, so audience suspicion could have also been directed towards him. This means that it probably would have been Angelina in the costume at that particular moment, which would have suggested that she was the one who survived getting shot (likely with a bulletproof vest) and rolling under the car. 
  • Dewey mentions that "a woman" called the Woodsboro police station and asked for information on Sidney Prescott for the film role in Stab 3, refusing to give her name. This was likely originally intended to be Angelina's doing, as she was a woman and was portraying Sidney in the film. However, in the final cut of the film, it is apparent that it was Roman posing as a woman with the help of his voice changer. He could have even been using the same woman voice he used to speak to Cotton Weary initially. 
  • It is likely that it was Angelina who was originally to be the one attacking Sidney on the set, since she was on the set ahead of time and encountered Sidney, later showing up on set just seconds after the police arrived with Tyson. 
  • A common question that other cast members had for Angelina was how she was picked for the role. Tom Prinze theorized that she "fought and clawed" for it and "crushed" any other woman in her way. In the original version of the film it was to be revealed that it was Roman who orchestrated Angelina getting the role from behind the scenes so she could assist him in their murder spree. However, in the final cut the true reason she got the role is played more for humor; it is revealed that she slept with John Milton. 
  • In the original version, her role as Sidney was to be symbolic. She wanted to be like Sidney as she was an obsessed fan "Angie Crick" who went to high school with her. Roman also saw her as like his sister, as he used her to act out his incestuous fantasies. 
  • The role of the former classmate who was seemingly obsessed with Sidney Prescott was later incorporated into Deputy Judy Hicks in Scream 4. This makes more sense since Judy lived in Woodsboro. 
  • Angelina seemed to be disturbed whenever people were insensitive to the events around them. In the original version this was to be an act to divert suspicion. However, this makes her more sympathetic in the final cut. 

Angelina's kills could have been:

  • Steven Stone
  • Tom Prinze

It is also almost certain that Angelina was to be the one involved in the attack on Sidney in the film set. 

Either or both killers could have been involved in the murders of Christine Hamilton, Cotton Weary, Sarah Darling, Tyson Fox and Jennifer Jolie. In the final cut, not enough information is given and it is obvious that Roman acted alone.