SLASHER'S BODY NEVER FOUND, was an article published in a newspaper. It reported on the events that followed after the Season 1 finale.


Wren Lake - After 48 hours of extensive effort by the Lakewood Sheriff's Department and local volunteer divers, the search for the body of Piper Shaw has officially been called off. Shaw, 20, a journalist whose popular podcast "Autopsy of a Crime" investigated unsolved deaths, tales, and mysteries with a macabre twist, was shot dead after stabbing and attempting to murder a female George Washington High School student. That student whose name is being withheld due to her statues as a minot was taken to the hospital with serious stab wounds. In addition to the charges of attempted murder, Shaw is believed by the Sheriff's Department to be the heretofore unknown suspect behind the string of recent murders in Lakewood that have left six dead. Two other females who also suffered injuries at the hands of the accused slasher, witnessed the shooting and corroborated claims that Shaw was shot in self-defense. All three victims are expected to survive.

Behind The Scenes

  • The article gives Piper Shaw the age of 20 years old, there is nothing else given in the series to support or counter this information.
  • The newspaper prop is the same paragraph repeated numerous times.


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