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Scream: Generations
MV5BNTExYmYwMTEtYzQ2Ni00NzE5LTk0Y2YtNTIxNTE4ZDkwZTY2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzU0NzkwMDg@. V1 SX146 CR0,0,146,215
Directed by Jared Vollmann
Produced by
Written by Kevin Williamson
Jared Vollmann
Music by
Distributed by
Release date(s) January 6, 2012
Running time 90 Minutes
Language English
Budget $1K
Gross revenue
Preceded by
Followed by

Scream: Generations is non-profit, feature length fan film, based in a world of reality where the Scream films are simply other films.


  • Lee Bloomfield as The Voice
  • Diana Bost as Stacie Cooper
  • Mally Corrigan as Teena Riley
  • Joe Falcetano as Eric Brody
  • Bryan Howard as Shayne Philips
  • Lindsay McEwan as Natalie Clark
  • Michael Misischia as Colin
  • Benjamin Nissen as Frankie Fischer
  • Andrea Scanniello as Julie James
  • Claire Tsiporukha as Gwen Robinson
  • Megan Vaccaros as Apryl Harris
  • Jared Vollmann as Ian Brody



  • Jared Vollmann



  • The film was originally supposed to have a sequel, that came very far in production but was shut down.
  • Gwen (Claire Tsyporukha) was meant to have a brutal death scene, the film of the scene was lost.



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