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Scream 5[1] is a possible upcoming sequel to the fourth installment.

Notes and Trivia

  • Both Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven said that they are contracted for the film.
  • Neve Campbell and David Arquette have expressed interest in reappearing in this film. [2]
  • Kevin Williamson confirmed that Scream 5 will be continuation of the fourth one, which means it'll carry on from the events of it. [3]
  • However, no one has been fully confirmed for this movie and it's unknown if it will be filmed or not.
  • Since Kirby Reed's fate was never revealed in the fourth installment, it is possible that Hayden Panettiere will reprise her role as Kirby in the fifth one.
  • Marley Shelton, who portrayed Judy Hicks in the fourth installment, is rumored to return for the fifth. [4]
  • Duane Martin, who portrayed Joel Jones in the second installment, is rumored to return for the fifth. [5]
  • Johnny Simmons, Tiya Sircarm, and Alex Sander are all possibly candidates to appear in Scream 5. [6]
  • Paul Maso is rumored to play a character named David [7]
  • Although not a confirmation, Dimension Films did tweet the following on December 1, 2011: "Which Dimension Films sequel are you most looking forward to? #Piranha3DD, #ScaryMovie5, #HalloweenIII , #Scream5" This has given many fans a new hope that a fifth movie is going to be made.
  • Still no official confirmation, though Dimension Films is definitely teasing the fans. On December 6, 2011, they tweeted the following: "Which #5 are you looking forward to more? Scream 5 or Scary Movie 5?"

Notes and References

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