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Marnie Cooper
Marnie Cooper is a Scream 4 character and was Jenny Randall's best friend. She was the first character to fall victim to the fourth Ghostface killing spree, and was portrayed by Britt Robertson. (more...)

Were you excited about Marnie's role in Scream 4's alternate opening?

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Rachel: "A Facebook killer? You're kidding me? Right"
Chloe: ""I guess now it would be Twitter. That'd make more sense. "
— Scream 4

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  • Piper Shaw

    Scream Killer Theory

    July 11, 2016 by Piper Shaw

    I think that Noah could be the killer in this season. Firstly I think Noah could be the killer as he is first to point the finger at anyone else to make them be a suspect. He could be getting revenge…

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  • BiggestDreamerDream

    Okay, I am going to write a story called Don't Trust Anybody. It story about a group of friends dealing with their best friend's suicide. But soon after a few weeks, one of friends is found murdered. …

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  • BrookeMaddoxIsQueen

    Hello everyone,

    On this blog post I will be discussing different possibilities for who the killer might be on Season 2. I will be looking at their suspicious activity and how they might be the killer.…

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  • Piper Shaw


    July 10, 2016 by Piper Shaw

    Hey people to my page it is not that exciting but hope you find out a bit more about me and what I like by reading the information on my page.

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  • Ulises Colina

    Killer suspects

    July 6, 2016 by Ulises Colina

    Ok, we can all agree that season two's killer is way more clever and creative than piper, but the question we all have in our mind is, who is the guy or girl behind the mask?

    This blog is for users to…

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