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Season 3
Season 3 | Number of Episodes 6
Season 3
Premiere Airdate 2017
Finale Airdate 2017
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Season 3 of Scream was confirmed by MTV on October 14, 2016. The season is set to premiere sometime during 2017.




  • On October 14, 2016 MTV confirmed that Scream was renewed for a third season. [1]
  • Season 2 showrunners, Michael Gans and Richard Register, will be replaced by new ones for the new season. [2]
  • This season will be the shortest season of the series due to the fact that it will have only six episodes. [3]


Everything shown below are rumor/speculations created by fans, they are NOT to be taken as official material. This section will be deleted after the premiere airs.

  • At the end of Halloween/Halloween II, Emma Duval is filling out college applications for Lakewood University, a possible setting for this season. 
  • The most popular rumor about the upcoming season is that a Season 1 survivor will die in the beginning of the premiere.
  • Brooke Maddox decides to stay in Lakewood instead of school in New York.
  • Noah Foster is working on his third book. His Anna Hobbs story sold millions.
  • Brandon James will make his first appearance in Lakewood, only question, is he a killer or a savior?
  • The backstory of Troy James will be expanded upon in the next season.
  • Maggie Duval will encounter Brandon James again in the next season. 
  • There will be more chase scenes in the upcoming season. In addition, the chase scenes will be longer and more intense compared to the previous seasons.  
  • The killer(s) will make various phone calls to the characters in the next season. Also, it is speculated that the phone call games (including movie trivia on horror movies) will be present in the third season.  
  • For the upcoming season, the story might be set at Lakewood University with Emma, Audrey, Noah, Gustavo, Brooke and four new members of their group of friends.
  • Rumor has is it that Audrey will discover the killer's identity, but before she can tell Brooke, Noah and Emma, she is murdered.
  • In the first episode, there will be a flashback of Emma's class graduating from George Washington High School.
  • There will be more flashbacks to the 1994 Lakewood Murders
  • Filming is reportedly to begin in February 2017 with a premier date of May 2017. Rumor has it that if the six episodes do well they will order another six episodes for season three to air on October 2017.
  • The second episode has to be rewritten due to MTV not approving of a certain character's death. However, a reason for this is because MTV has this character as a candidate for either a later death or being the killer. 
  • The new visitor in Lakewood shown at the end of Halloween/Halloween II has many secrets about what really happened in 1994.
  • Willa allegedly told the fans in the comments section of Instagram that the six episodes of the third season will "change everything". 
  • There will be new evidence that will point to neither Piper Shaw nor Kieran Wilcox being the ones who killed Nina Patterson and Tyler O'Neill. Season 3 will focus on who killed them. 
  • According to Scream France's very reliable source: "Brooke is gonna have to choose between two of her friends during the shocking final scene of the season 3 premiere of Scream."
  • MTV has not yet decided if the third season will be the last of the series. 
  • The new killer will borrow some of Roman's techniques from Scream 3, using a bulletproof vest to suggest to the characters that he/she is superhuman and a voice changer that can mimic anyone's voice (s).
  • The death scenes for this season will be gorier than the death scenes from the previous two seasons. 
  • The season will feature a higher body count than the previous two.
    • The season will have at least one death every episode. 
  • Gustavo Acosta is one of the candidates for the opening kill.
    • However, Audrey Jensen is also a candidate for the opening death.
  • Just as Season 2 shared similarities with Scream 2, Season 3 will share similarities with Scream 3.
  • Brandon James, Troy James and Cassie James will all return to Lakewood in this season.
  • It will be revealed that the Cassie James who Emma and Piper visited in Season 1, was actually an imposter who was hired by Piper
  • Piper Shaw will return in flashbacks.
  • The Season 1 showrunners may return to replace the Season 2 showrunners.
  • The '94 killer will be revealed. It isn't confirmed if the '94 Killer is the Third Killer.
  • This season won't use the "Crazy Emma" or "Guilty Audrey" storylines, as Emma has fully recovered and Audrey's secrets have been fully revealed.
  • Tyler O'Neil's murder will be shown in a flashback, and the person who killed him will be revealed.
  • The third killer will not be any of the main characters, but a new character or characters that will still be connected to the history of the Lakewood Murders.  
  • There will be a movie made about Emma's life, as a tribute to the movie-within-a-movie Stab, which exists in the Scream films. 
  • The killer reveal will be similar to the reveal of Roman Bridger in Scream 3.
  • The reveal will change everything we know about Emma's life.
  • It is rumored that Gina McLane and Kristen Lang will return in season 3. 
  • Rumors state there will be at least four new cast members. 
  • Scream After Dark will return for the third season.
  • The writing for the season is now complete.
  • Brooke is going to be the last survivor of the season.
  • Since the original show-runners are presumably returning, they might plan on a June release like Season One. That's why they haven't started filming yet.







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