The New Killer is the main antagonist of Season 2, who threatens Audrey Jensen into revealing her secret to her friends.

After Emma's return to Lakewood in I Know What You Did Last Summer, the new killer who was an accomplice of Piper Shaw continues the killing game starting with the survivors of the 2015 Lakewood Murders.

Physical Appearance

The killer wears the black rain jacket as well as the Brandon James mask to conceal his true appearance.

Piper's Accomplice

It was revealed in Revelations that Audrey Jensen had a secret connection to Piper Shaw in the 2015 Lakewood Murders but it was revealed in Jeepers Creepers that she only brought Piper to Lakewood and therefore didn't help her.

In When a Stranger Calls, it was revealed that Kieran Wilcox was Piper's second accomplice. In Halloween, Kieran was murdered outside of his jail by another killer.

Committed Murders

Season 1

Crime Scene Photo Victim COD Episode
Rachel Murray's death Rachel Murray Shoved off of balcony & hung Hello, Emma

Season 2

Crime Scene Photo Victim COD Episode
Jake's death Jake Fitzgerald Disemboweled with a scythe I Know What You Did Last Summer
Eddie's death Eddie Hayes Stabbed to death with a corkscrew Vacancy
Branson's death Seth Branson Hand cut off, stabbed in the stomach, burned alive Let The Right One In
Haley's death Haley Meyers Stabbed multiple times in chest and stomach The Orphanage
Zoe's death Zoë Vaughn Drowned The Vanishing
Quinn Maddox's death Quinn Maddox Impaled with a pitchfork Heavenly Creatures
Scream-0 Deputy Stevens Stabbed to death When a Stranger Calls
Eli's death Eli Hudson Stabbed and shot to death When a Stranger Calls



  • The new killer is male as seen in The Orphanage when Haley Meyers is with him. His mask is off as she tries to kiss him and then squats down to do other actions. This hints the gender of the killer.
  • Haley is the first character to know who the killer is.
  • In The Vanishing, Audrey confirmed Piper was with her at the motel at the same time Rachel was killed.
  • It was revealed in the episode, When a Stranger Calls, that Kieran Wilcox is the killer.
    • He killed his own cousin and was involved in his father's death.
    • Piper is with Emma when the video of kidnapped Clark is broadcast to the GWHS students at the school dance, meaning that he was one who attacked his dad in the house at the southern edge of Wren Lake. Piper however later finishes him by setting up death trap, which is later activated by Maggie Duval.
  • Kieran has committed more murders than both Brandon and Piper.
  • It was revealed in The Vanishing that The New Killer keeps souvenirs from his/her victims.
  • This new killer operates far differently than Piper Shaw. He likes to keep his killings a secret, using it to their advantage such as by impersonating them with their phones.
    • He also likes to mentally torture his victims, which Piper did not do.
    • Kieran has killed more people than Brandon and Piper combined.
  • Kieran is finally killed by the third killer; he slashes his throat and stabs him in the back.