General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color: Green
Marital Status: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Occupation(s): Unknown
Nickname: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Romances: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown
Other Information
Interests: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Talent: Unknown
Secret(s): Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance: Halloween
Latest Appearance: Halloween II
Last Appearance: Halloween II
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Eric Mendenhall

Sid was a minor character featured on the special episodes of the second season of Scream. He is portrayed by Eric Mendenhall.


After Sid closes down the store, he begins organizing things in a drawer. Suddenly he hears someone coming in through the door. He tells the person to read the sign and explains that they are closed, trying to convince them to leave.

Upon hearing glass breaking, Sid stands up and goes to the main room to confront the person. There, he discovers that the glass covering up the Anna Hobbs sack mask has been smashed, though the mask is still there.

Confused and worried by this, he takes out his cell phone to call the police and report vandalism. As he opens the phone, he hears the person behind him and turns around, only for the person (only seen by their arm) to stab him with Anna Hobbs' garden shears (Off-screen), killing him instantly.

His blood splatters on a fan above him. His corpse was later transported to the middle of a road and covered up with a fishing net in order to set a trap for the traveling Sheriff Carpenter. Carpenter discovers that his face was slashed by the garden shears before he too is brutally murdered.

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