Sidney and Billy Relationship
Portrayed by Skeet Ulrich and Neve Campbell
Intimacy Kissed
Slept together (Once)
Sidney cared for him
Level: Former Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Started Dating:

Two years before the events of Scream

Dating Status: Ended in Scream

Sidney: "Fuck you!"
Billy: "No, no, no. We already played that game, remember? You lost. "
— Billy and Sidney[src]


After the gruesome murders of the couple, Casey and Steve, Billy is seen coming through Sidney's window. They appear as a normal teenage couple romantically involved, but Sidney is still a virgin, while Billy pressures Sidney to have sex.

After she feels she falsely accused him in the struggle of her attack, she feels she has gained a sentimental trust with Billy and consents to have intercourse with him for the first time only later to find out he is the cause of her repressed ways. He turned out to be the killer of her mother.

After discovering Billy killed her mother, Sidney is resolved in her domineer towards him despite their intimate momemt of him being her first. She defeats Billy by thrusting him with an umbrella, thrusting her finger in his wound to symbolize "Reverse Intercourse" and shots him in the head to kill him.

In Scream 3, she still remembers his sweet side and the person she really cared for during the events in her hometown. Although he turned out to be the killer, she had a certain compelling with him being her first intimate and emotional bond knowing the circumstances behind his rage. As she forgets his rage for a second standing next to the window of her "room", she forgets Billy came to see her through the window in her room. Ghostface (Roman), reminds her by pulling her through the window of her "room" set of Stab 3 which begins a chase mirroring the memory of her first attack from Ghostface in her hometown.


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