Sidney and Derek Relationship
Portrayed by Jerry O'Connell and Neve Campbell
Intimacy Kissed
Cared for each other
Level: Girlfriend/Boyfriend
Started Dating:

Before Scream 2

Dating Status: Ended in Scream 2 due to Derek's death

The Sidney and Derek Relationship is the relationship between Derek Feldman and Sidney Prescott.


After the events of Scream, Sidney graduates from Woodsboro High and attends Windsor College where she meets the pre-medical student Derek. They grow a rapport and start dating.

When Derek gets his arm slit after the sorority party, she is protected by two detectives, Andrew Richards and Richard Andrews . They urge Derek that the situation she is in is dangerous and she does not want to see him get hurt in anyway. He insist on being there for her in a tough time showing his feelings were honest.

During lunch-break, Derek serenades to her in front of many other students including their friends and sorority. Derek gives away his Greek letters showing a true commitment to her promises she will be safe and that he loves her. Derek and Sidney kiss in front of the many cheering students.

When his fraternity brothers find out, the capture and "party" with him on the empty school theater stage. When Sidney finally find him, he is still on the stage bound and tied up from their party with him. Sidney attempts to release him until the arrival of Ghostface, who turns out to be Mickey Altieri . Mickey leads Sidney that he was his "partner" in the killings. The commitment make Derek angry and cursing him that he would kill him, resulting in Mickey to shoot him. In his dying words, he tells Sidney "...I would never hurt you... Never..." then he dies. This upsets Sidney, now knowing he was innocent.

In Scream 3, she wears his necklace throughout the film but doesn't wear it at all in Scream 4. It is possible that she has since gotten over his death, or lost the necklace.


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