Sidney-Mark Relationship
Mark and sid
General Information
Level: Friends
Started Dating: Never Dated
Dating Status: Never Dated

In Scream 3, Sidney and Mark are acquaintances.

Mark shows a very subtle interest in Sidney during Scream 3. During the movie there is complication, they find they have some key things in common and they're rapport grows. Sidney asks him an unforgettable question ghostface asks some of his victims on the phone call, "What's your favorite scary movie?" He replies, "My life." She pauses and replies, "...Mine too."

Later, when Gale and Dewey are captured and held captive at the mansion, she gets a call from the killer and grows suspicious of him thinking he has plotted the whole thing as the killer. It takes Kincaid fighting off the killer at the mansion to restore some belief in his innocence.

In the end of the movie, he is at her house with Gale and Dewey having survived the ordeals. He invites her to sit down with the movie. They are clearly friends, or possibly at the very beginning stages of what could be a new romance.

Behind the Scenes

  • Kincaid's character was supposed to come back for Scream 4, but the actor had other obligations.


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