Sidney Prescott/Roman Bridger
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General Information
Level: Siblings
Started Dating: Siblings; never dated
Dating Status: Enemies

This article describes the relationship between siblings Sidney Prescott and Roman Bridger.


The two siblings never even met until Roman revealed himself as the killer in John Milton's secret screening room. He brings out John (who had been gagged and stuffed at a corner of the room) and kills him in front of Sidney. It is further revealed that Roman is a product of rape, which occurred during Maureen's brief stint as a B-list movie actress. Roman tells Sidney that her mother left her father and cheated on him with Hank Loomis, causing Mrs. Loomis to leave her husband. Roman managed to track down Maureen and revealed himself to be her son but she slammed the door in his face. Swearing revenge, Roman showed Billy Loomis evidence on why his mother had left his father, and convinced him to kill Maureen. Roman also told Billy to have an accomplice who was weak and easily willing to help him out, which turned out to be Stu Macher and frame Cotton Weary, ultimately triggered the events of the first movie and that of the second. This revelation only causes Sidney to become infuriated at Roman for not only being the one responsible for her (their) mother's death, but also for ruining her life and causing the Woodsboro and Windsor College Murders. Roman merely tells Sidney that he's a director and that he directs. He then begins to rant his angry at Sidney for "stealing" the life he's always wanted away from him.

 Tired of hearing another killer blaming the circumstances of their life on her, Sidney berates Roman, who was already very jealous and emotional gets angered enough to attack her leading to a fight. Sidney is very formidable in the fight with her deadly brother; punching and smashing objects against him, but Roman manages to gain the upper hand and attempts to strangle her, but a distraction by Kincaid allows Sidney to grab his knife. He however finds Kincaid's gun and shoots her, knocking her down. He shoots her in the chest again to be certain in killing her. But Dewey and Gale on the verge of breaking into room distracts him for a moment, when he turns around, Sidney is gone. Roman tears the room apart trying to find her before going to use his cell phone to locate her. Sidney beats him to punch using a phone to catch him off guard before popping up from behind the bar, stabbing him several times in the back before stabbing him in the heart. Sidney reveals she had a bulletpoof vest on as well, commenting they weren't so different. The two siblings seem to reconcile and Sidney shows great regret for killing her own brother, even though it was self-defense. The two grab hands and look at each other as Roman seemingly dies. But just as Dewey and Gale arrive, and Dewey reminds Sidney that the killer is always superhuman. Sidney says that Roman was never superhuman, visibly distraught. However, Roman jumps up to attack them again. But Dewey stuns him with several shots to the chest before, on the advice of Sidney, finishes Roman with a headshot, killing him for good. Sidney then looks over at her deceased brother's body with sorrow and grief. 

Look for the hints to their relationship throughout the film. In Sidney's house during Scream 3, there is a picture shown of Roman in his mid twenties on one of Sidney's surface which is possibly a picture her mother keep before in Prescott house in the original movie, but now Sidney keeps it even though she doesn't know Roman is actually her half-brother.

Also, When Roman spoke to his sister, Sidney, he was not only sophisticated, but also personal. Roman also left pictures of Maureen Prescott at the scenes of his murders, which foreshadowed his relation to both Sidney and Maureen. Overall, the entire murder spree revolves around Sidney Prescott, something that is made quite obvious from the start.

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