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Sidney P

1. Tatum Riley - Best Friend; Deceased

2. Randy Meeks - Close Friend; Deceased

3. Dewey Riley  - Best Friend

4. Cotton Weary  - Former Enemy; Deceased

5. Hallie McDaniel  - Best Friend and Roommate; Deceased

6. Mark Kincaid  - Friend

7. Gale Riley  - Best friend; Former Enemy

8. Judy Hicks  - Former Classmate

9. Kirby Reed  - Acquaintance; unknown


1. Ghostface - Arch-nemesis

2. Billy Loomis  - Boyfriend, Ghostface; Deceased

3. Stu Macher  - Boyfriend's best friend, Ghostface ; Deceased

4. Mickey Altieri  - Friend, Ghostface Ghostface; Deceased

5. Debbie Salt/Mrs. Loomis  - Boyfriend's Mother, Ghostface ; Deceased

6. Roman Bridger  - Half-Brother, Ghostface ; Deceased

7. Charlie Walker  - Ghostface ; Deceased

8. Jill Roberts   - Cousin, Ghostface; Deceased 

9. Rebecca Walters - Publicist ; Deceased

Bold means character is alive.

Italics means character has a unknown fate.

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