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Sidney: Why don't you come for me, you got the balls for that?
— Sidney to Ghostface after Olivia's death.

Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell, is the main protagonist of the Scream film franchise.

She is best friends with Dwayne Dewey Riley and is on good terms with his wife Gale Weathers- Riley, whom once was her rival.

Character Development

Throughout the series, Sidney was a troubled and quiet teenage girl who dealt with lot of emotional issues including her mother, Maureen Prescott's murder. As she is targeted by a psychotic killer dubbed the Ghostface Killer, Sidney slowly become more brave and couragerous as she continues to face off with Ghostface Killer.

The best things about Sidney

  • Killed five of the seven Ghostface killers.
  • Underneath the calm and reserved demeanor, is a woman who is ready to fight back.
  • Rarely cries.
  • A very brave and couragerous woman who will protect the people that she cares about.
  • Doesn't hold a grudge too long. She forgave Cotton Weary for having an affair with her mother in Scream 2 and became slightly more  friendly with her former rival Gale Weathers- Riley.
  • Survived the Woodsboro Murders (Scream) , the Windsor College (Scream 2) , the Hollywood Murders (Scream 3) and most recently,  the Woodsboro Remake Murders (Scream 4).
  • Denied a book deal, possibly meaning millions of dollars, because she wanted to do what is right.
  • At the end of the day, she just wants to help others by spreading her message of hope, not wanting fame or money from it.
  • Killed her ex-boyfriend, cousin and half-brother in self-defense.
  • Great with firearms.
  • Intelligent and quick-witted.
  • Has a sarcastic edge.
  • Very good at hiding her emotions and feelings, especially if she gets suspicious of someone's motives.
  • Fiercely independent and very resourceful.
  • Attempted to save Olivia Morris from being killed by Ghostface herself despite being unarmed, but was too late.
  • Fought the Ghostface Killers and only suffered minor cuts and bruises in the first two films.
  • Attacked and shot by Roamn Bridger but was able to survive by wearing a bullet proof vest.
  • Survived from being stabbed twice in the stomach by Jill Roberts.
  • She's the true main character of the franchise.

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