The Scream Franchise consist of four movies and a television show. Despite the name and the genre, they are not related. However, the movies and the show are extremely similar.


Role Movie Character TV Character Similiarities
Heroine Sidney Prescott Emma Duvall Both are innocent compared to their friends. Both have family secrets that become the motive for the killings.
Mother Maureen Prescott Maggie Duvall Both mothers had a child prior to their marriage. Both of their first kids are given up and end up becoming the primary killer. Both slept with someone else aside from their husband. Although in Maggie's case, she and Kevin were dating but were on a break when she slept with Brandon James. Maureen was a serial adulterer.
Geeky friend Randy Meeks Noah Foster Both have extreme knowledge of serial killers and what to do or not do in order to survive. Both being virgins survived their first round. Randy, who apparently lost his virginity prior to Scream 2, dies in the sequel. Noah is currently still alive in the show.
Best blond friend Tatum Riley Brooke Maddox Both are hot popular girls who end up with the goofy creepy jock. Although in Tatum's case she is killed possibly by her own boyfriend Stu. Brooke hooks up with Jake Fitzgerald who, as of Season 1 at least, is not the killer and is a survivor of the first season.
Bad Boyfriend Billy Loomis Will Belmont Both are suspects in the killings due to being the boyfriend of the leading girl. Both are dead by the end of the first round. However, Billy is revealed to be the killer in the first movie while Will is a victim in Season 1.
Creepy but innocent love interest Derek Feldman, Mark Kincade, and Trevor Sheldon Kieran Wilcox All four characters are the main suspects for being the love interest of the leading ladies due to Billy Loomis being the killer. The film characters are innocent with Derek and Trevor meeting a tragic end and Mark and Kieran surviving their round.
Minority best friend Hallie McDaniel Riley Marra Both are minority best friend of the leading lady who is killed by the killer. Ironically both are killed in the presence of authority and involving the presence of a car. Halle is killed after escaping a cop car of dead cops. Riley is killed at the police station after seeing her friend's car.
Goofy-creepy jock Stu Macher Jake Fitzgerald Both are creepy, tall, violent, goofy, and are jocks. Stu is a killer but Jake is just an asshole.
Opening killed Girl Casey Becker Nina Patterson Both are cute blonds who are focused for a long period of time in the opening. Both find their boyfriends dead before being killed off by the killer. Both victims death shows the appearance of the killer for the first time.
Opening killed Boy Steve Orth Tyler O'Neil Both are the boyfriend whose presence is limited but they are the first to be killed off. While we see Steve die, the action of their deaths are both off screen.
Father Neil Prescott Kevin Duvall Both are absent fathers who are never around. Both are the often the prime suspects of the first round of murders due to their lack of presence and possible motive.


  • The opening deaths of Nina Patterson and Tyler O'Neil mirror that of Casey Becker and Steve Orth.
  • Will Belmot killed while bound to a chair with his girlfriend Emma helplessly watching in horror is like how Steve Orth is killed with Casey watching on like Emma.
  • Riley screaming for help on the skylight but not saved due to the person's inability to hear or see her is like Jennifer Jolie's death in Scream 3. Jennifer tries to scream for help through mirrors to Dewey and Gale, whom cannot see or hear her. By the time they get to her, she has already been killed.
  • While Brooke Maddox survives Season 1, there is a scene in the Pilot where she is in her garage and hears the killer's knife scraping is a mirror to Tatum Riley's death in the garage in the first movie.
  • Quinn Maddox's death is similar to Robbie Mercer's and Steven Stone's, as all three suffered fatal injuries and died in front of several people.

Noticable moments

  • When the killer, pretending to be a home security caller, is talking to Emma, he says "You look tired." When Emma asks him what he said, he corrects his mistake by saying "You sound tired." This mirrors the line in the opening between Casey and the killer. When asked why he wants to know her name, the killer says "I wanna know who I'm looking at." when asked what he said, he replies "I wanna know who I'm talking to."
  • Both killers throughout the movie and show call the leading girl's mother a whore.
  • When Kieran and Emma are talking outside the school on a bench, Kieran points out Emma's protection Deputy mirrors a scene in Scream 2 when Derek realizes that he and Sidney are being followed by her bodyguards.
  • The killer uses the voices of other characters including possibly his/her own actual voice to trick his victims are seen in Scream 3.
  • When the new killer in Season 2, which turns out to be a pranktser, sneaks on Audrey at the movie theater resembles several scenes in Scream 2 including the opening scene which takes place at a movie theater and also Sidney's mind-attack by the killer while she's in the middle of rehersal of a greek play.
  • In the opening of Season 2 when the killer stabs a girl but later turns out to be a prank mirrors Billy Loomis's fake death where it appears he's been stabbed but later revealed to have been fake when he reveals himself.
  • Also the killer (with Piper under the mask) attacks Audrey but doesn't kill her mirrors the killer (with Stu under the mask) attacking Billy but doesn't kill him, in which both killers "attack" their partner but obviously doesn't kill them.
  • The fact that Audrey betrays her partner Piper mirrors Jill Roberts betraying her partner Charlie by stabbing him in the heart to be the sole survivor. However, both motives are different. Jill had evil reasons while Audrey may have had a change of heart.
  • When the killer, using Audrey's voice, makes Rachel think she's in the closet and Rachel checks only to find she's not in the closet mirrors the scene in Scream 4 where the killer, with Kirby and Jill thinking it's Trevor, makes them think he's in Jill's closet. When Kirby checks, he's not in the closet.
  • The scene when Noah tells Branson's class why they can't make a slasher into a TV show is basically his version of Randy's beloved "How to Survive A Horror Movie Rules" speech.
  • Both Sidney and Emma are the lead survivors despite breaking the biggest rule in horror movie which is having sex.
  • Piper revealing herself to being the killer mirrors that of Roman Bridger and Jill Roberts. Being the older sibling of the leading girl who is mad that their mother abandoned her while the younger got the better life is like Roman's jealousy of Sidney. Being a girl who is related to the leading lady and upset she's getting attenion is like Jill's jealousy of Sidney.
  • The opening of Season 2 where we see a girl kill another girl only for it to be revealed to be a movie being watched by the characters in the show mirrors the infamous opening of Scream 4 where the first two cop outs are movies within the movie.


As of Seasons 1 and 2, they follow aspects of their counterparts within the movie series.

Season 1

  • Like Scream 1, Season 1 opens with a pretty blond couple being killed at the girl's home at night while both of her parents are gone. The mother is the first to find her daughter's body and screams at the sight of the body.
  • Like Scream 1, Season 1 suspects that the boyfriend and the father are the prime suspects.
  • Like Scream 1, Season 1 has the killer calling Emma while she's home alone at night and brings up her mother's dark past.
  • Like Scream 1, Season 1 has an intense threatening scene at a party where the blond best friend is attacked in a garage.
  • Like Scream 1, Season 1 ends with the leading girl losing her boyfriend. However, the difference is that Billy is the killer who is killed by his own girlfriend while Will is an innocent victim with Emma helplessly watching him get killed.
  • Like Scream 1, Season 1 has the virgin geek crediting his virginity for being the reason he survived the murders.

Season 2

  • Like Scream 2, Season 2 opens at a movie theater.
  • Like Scream 2, Season 2 has an attack at the movie theater.
  • Like Scream 2, Season 2 has the leading lady with a new boyfriend whom she maybe suspicious of.
  • Like Scream 2, Season 2 has a character being haunted by the new killer for her actions from the past.

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