Stab a Thon
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A event organized by Robbie Mercer and Charlie Walker annually.

Stab a Thon was an event organized by Robbie Mercer and Charlie Walker annually, where the seven Stab films are shown.

Scream 4

The Woodsboro High School students attended Stab-a-Thon where all seven Stab films would be shown. Gale wearing, who was dressed like Ghostface, hid cameras there and was viewing through a webcam believing the killer would turn up. The true Ghostface did show up and he covered the cameras and Gale went back inside only to get stabbed by Ghostface. Dewey saves her and  the audience run away from the scene. Kirby goes home to watch the Stab films with Jill, Robbie, Charlie and Trevor.


  • Jill Roberts was meant to attend, but she declined due to Olivia Morris' murder.
  • The Stab Opening Footage is not In order properly.
  • The attendants are invited through email.